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Years ago, when I still had MySpace... I had only 4 kids, before any of them had left the nest, before I ever heard of blogging. May 9, 2007, to be exact. I had a question as to why I signed my posts with ~M~.  
M - that's me...
~~The wings of the angels who support me and keep me sane, that celebrate with me when things are good and comfort me when they are not so good. 

Since that time we can add ...
Menopausal  ha ha... just kidding - sort of. 
I have learned so much since then. I have grown. But the M's remain. And so do the ~ ~'s.

My name is Maxine. Named after my mother's middle name. Which, I believe, came from my grandma's sister, Maxine and also my great-grandpa, Max. It is a name older than my years, "you don't look old enough to be a Maxine" has been said to me often. At one time I hated it. Kids can be very cruel. But I like the history, and I like my name. I even gave it to my first daughter, as a middle name.

I am a mom. I have 6 children. My oldest and my youngest were born 19 years and 364 days apart. Obviously after the oldest left home for school, and yes we teased him that he was being replaced... it was just classic that she was born just one day short of his 20th birthday.
Here is my family: 

No, you didn't miscount. That pretty young lady second from the left - that's my daughter-in-law.

We are a family that appreciates the 2nd amendment. And I think this is the last family picture we have so you get it here.

My oldest, Robert, is a graduate of West Point, United States Military Academy. He's an officer in the Army now. He got to West Point in a most unusual way, but it included shooting. He and the next two in line have all competed with Olympians and in national competitions including the Jr. Olympics in rifle. The two in the middle - they are learning air rifle and small bore. The youngest, she's just enjoying the nerf guns for now. Not that she doesn't get lessons on gun safety, but she isn't learning to shoot yet. My husband, Robert, is a coach in the shooting sports when he's not working his day job.

The second in line, Joe,  is pretty near done with EMT classes and will soon be a paid Firefighter.

The others are still being homeschooled. The 3rd in line, Maggie, wants to counsel kids, or work with kids in some fashion. The 4th in line, Jake, says he will be a police officer. 5th child, Jesse (in the red dress), has been saying she will be a nun since she was 3, that's about 2/3rds of her life. She wants to be a nun who can work with children and have animals. I think if she can't find an order that fits those requirements, she will make one. Emma has no idea... she's just turned 6. To her the world is still just one big playground.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a wife and mother, a business owner, an artist, and a writer.
I've already discussed being a wife and mother.

I am a brand promoter with the fastest growing direct sales company right now, Le-Vel. Honestly, I did not start with the idea that it would be a business. I just wanted to b able to earn the products, because I didn't think I could afford them. I just wanted my life back. Someday soon I am going to have a video that tells my story, it's pretty incredible. In the meantime, you can read about my experience here: My Thrive By Le-Vel Experience

I am an artist. Well, I like to bead and I sell some of it. That equals artist right?
Beading Branches

There you go. A little about me (ok maybe a lot).

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