Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Thrive by Le-Vel Experience

This is my Thrive experience as of Nov. 2015.

I am a Wife and Homeschooling Mom to 6 from 4 to 24 yrs. I started Thrive in July 2014, after telling Kathy no several times. But you see, I had a reason to say yes, I wanted to improve my health. My family had taken one road trip across the country that summer already, and we were gearing up for another. 5 kids and a dog, mom, and dad, in a van 3000 miles and sleeping in a camper.
My before will show why I was willing to try Thrive. We were facing a second trip, for my oldest son's wedding. And I wanted so bad just to be able to dance ONE dance without having aches and discomfort.

Before Thrive:
Discomfort and aches in my neck and back.
Naps. Like, random, falling asleep at my computer or in the car all the time naps.
Lack of sound sleep.
I could not stand or walk for long periods of time without aches and discomfort.
My exercise had come to a complete halt.

After Thrive:
I was one of the lucky "day-one thrivers"
No aches or discomforts - all those meds I’d been taking for years GONE!
More energy, all day, sustained, full, get your body moving energy.
No more naps.
My house looked better than it had in a long time.
I was laughing more, smiling more, moving more.
I didn't NEED coffee, from day 1 - after being a pot a day (at least) coffee drinker.
I didn't want soda, or sweets, or junk food.... what the heck was happening to me?
No more cravings, no more going nuts for the sweet or the salt.
I LOVE water! - Use to have to force it down.
As of Nov 1, I have lost 50lbs. THAT is so amazing! Because I had been trying to lose weight and it just was not budging.

BTW at that wedding, I did dance... and I danced a lot. I was even able to help with preparations - and still dance. It was incredible.

I missed all my bonuses, and I have been a tortoise as far as the business is concerned. I am ok with that because I have a bigger priority first and that is to educate my children. Thrive has made that possible. I have not paid for the product since Aug. working this business in the nooks and crannies of a busy schedule I did hit 4K. It took until the end of Nov. but I did it. I have a growing team, and I have been able to help my family and get myself some little extras too.
I made a mistake in the beginning. I said no too many times.

And all of that ^^^ is why there will never again be a day why I will never again start my day 

without these ^^^ three steps. 

* This story was approved by Le-Vel compliance and posted on their fan page. 

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