Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another "Normal" Homeschooling Day...

... Where I learn as much as the kids.
     I sat with Jake to help him learn to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators... He is not a kid who "gets" fractions easily, but he is getting through it... I teach his lesson and watch him step by step through the practice problems, there were 6 in this lesson. And then I set him free to do the math lesson on his own. Of course I am available for help now and then as he needs it BUT soon he gets into his groove, and today I realized that I have a very clear indicator of when he's in the groove. I hear with very dramatic voices different sentences loudly sung... for example:

In the tune of do you see what I see: Do you see what I see, a snow a snow a snow man on my page I will cut right thorough him now.... I will cut right through him now.
I peak over and notice he is subtracting 1/8 from 4/8... Maybe he does get it after all. lol...

Then we have him in his best Soup Nazi voice from Seinfeld (no he has never seen the show just heard others repeat the "voice") clearly ring out "Number 14, I am done with you, DONE I tell you!" And as I peak over he is starting problem 16. (he every other problem unless he gets more than three wrong then he has to do the other half. I gave him this break because he is ahead, and I'd rather not overwhelm him).

And last but not least of the few I share: I finally hear (as I nearly jump out of my skin at the booming loudness coming from near silence) "AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS - ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST 1. 3. 9. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!" and he adds, "thanks for the help mom I'm going to play."

So there you have it. My very imperfect, but incredibly blessed "normal" homeschooling day.

Actually snagged a pic of him from earlier in the year.