Friday, March 29, 2013

Veneration of the Cross

Tonight, for the first time, I went to Mass on Good Friday. The Church has so many wonderful things to offer, and I need to start taking part in more of it. Does this make me a bad Catholic? No, just an unfinished one. :) 
Kissing the feet of Jesus on the cross is humbling. And if you meditate on it, brings you closer yet to the moments of Jesus death on the cross. Here is a short video to explain it more.

Father talked about how Christ was not broken but that his HEART was broken. And that when we carry our cross we only need to tie our heart to Christ's heart and our cross will be lighter. Considering my last blog post (before Mass) I took note, and smiled, because I know this to be true. :)

Even though we didn't know all that was going to happen at this Mass, the kids did very well. Emma bent to kiss the feet of Jesus, but didn't quite make it before she saw Father (holding the cross) and decided he needed a smile more. :)  I noticed tonight that even when Father does not actually have a smile on his face... he is still smiling.  My family has no clue what I'm talking about... it does not matter really, but I find it extremely comforting that our priest literally SHINES WITH JOY! What a blessing he is on our parish.

Five Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday: Broken

The first thing that jumped into my head when I saw the word "broken" was Jesus on the cross at the end of His crucifixion. But then I stopped. Yes, it is that season... Easter and that is what is on my brain, so it was easy to come up with the picture of Jesus his body completely broken and bloody, but  it was indeed just his body that was broken. His spirit, His soul,  they were complete and giving and totally aware of what He was doing when he gave his body to be broken so badly. Why? We are sinners, we are children, we are selfish, we are greedy, and tempted. BUT we are loved. God wanted to SHOW us how much He loves us. In His crucifixion we could SEE the extent to which God would go to save us. If we put ourselves in that moment we can literally use all of our senses to experience that moment. And it brings me to tears, sobbing tears at times. Because there are days, there are times, when I feel defeated by my life. Broken. And then I realize that I am not broken, I am feeling the weight of my cross BUT I am not broken, my body is whole, and I am loved, and I have a helper in this life to lift my burden. Jesus is right next to me, lifting the weight of my cross which is so much lighter that the one he carried for me.  And I am a child, but I'm a child of God, so I am blessed, and I am whole, even when I "feel" broken.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Remember

I've been watching and reading a friend of mine do these five minute exercises for writing and I love them. I'm just to chicken to join a group. So taking from her blog as inspiration, here's mine. What a great one to do right now... perfect timing. :)


     I've shared before about how we would go to my grandparents cabin for Easter. Grandma would hide the eggs in the snow and we would all go searching. I love these memories. As I remember the special times we spent there the pictures flash through my head quickly and randomly depending on the time of year. Eggs in the snow were sometimes easy to find, if the dye had touched the side of the snow as Grandma or Grandpa pushed them in just a little to make it more difficult. We would find almost all of those dozens of eggs then make a mess of egg shells on grandmas table, chairs, floors. She never complained just gave us a paper towel to use for the rest of the shells.

     So when Easter comes around I remember: the ride in the truck all of us squished together, snowmobile rides from the bar parking lot to the cabin, bright eggs hidden in the snow, snow banks several feet high, baskets of toys brought from home, the smell of Easter dinner, lots of people laughing, playing, talking, and the sound of Grandpas heart beating as I laid my head on his chest after playing outside a little too much.
And I wonder, what will my Children remember? We do things differently, but we try to make things special and we've added the religious traditions of Easter too. We focus on remembering how much God loves us, and the importance of remembering that everyday as we go about our lives. Will their memories be just as fond as mine are, no matter the differences?  I hope so.