Monday, July 23, 2012


A few days ago tragedy struck Aurora Colorado, when a sick and twisted man decided to shoot movie goers. I have a friend who has been keeping me closely updated to one of the victims who survived the shooting. The thing is, I truly believe God has had this family close and has prepared them to be a shining example of His Grace and Love.

Today as I watched more news coverage two things stood out about this family. Petra was shot several times, including once in the face. The bullet twisted it's way through a path that left very little damage to her brain. You see, at birth Petra was blessed with a bit of an anomaly in her brain. She has an area, a void, in her brain that allowed the bullet to go through and lodge into the back of her skull with the least amount of damage possible. That was the first. The second thing that stuck with me was that Kim, Petra's mother, has been battling cancer for some time now. In the news story she said she had maybe 6 months to live.

I believe that everything in Petra's life, especially that anomaly in her brain, was planned so that this madman could not steal away the time this family has left to be together with Kim. Now, as soon as I thought this I knew someone would challenge me. How or why would God spare Petra and not all the others?

Here is my answer. Each family, each person has their own unique story. Each has their own personalities, strengths and/or weaknesses. There may be some positive that comes out of even the most tragic of these victims. We just don't know, however, GOD does know and everything goes along according to His plan.

Now, do I believe this persons actions were anything to do with God? NO, absolutely not. God gave this young man many chances to take a different road. He was obviously smart, he had many wonderful gifts given to him, but he CHOSE to walk this path. I believe that if we follow each of the victims we will see many miracles, many stories that will show how God did prepare for the choices of this young man. We have free will, all of us. Part of that is that we have the choice to look around and see the miracles beyond the horror and pain, or to turn a blind eye and ask "where was God?" If we look we will see Him in every facet of this tragedy.

This story is the most clear, the most WOW version of God's work so far, but keep looking there will be more. I am so heartbroken for all of those affected by this, I do not mean to diminish their pain and loss. I just want to make sure that we don't put blame where it does not belong. Keep (or find) your faith and know that God did not forget about the people in that theater, nor did he turn a blind eye. God is working in our favor at all times, we only need to ask "what can I do to serve you, Lord." We must be faithful. We must not doubt.

Peace be with you