Friday, February 26, 2010

What on earth have I been up to???

Growing a baby of course. And I can feel it, this one is insisting on lots of down time, but I've been breaking it up so I clean etc, then rest, then clean some more, and do school with the kids then rest. You get the idea.

During the holidays I decided to make ornaments for my family and friends for gifts. They turned out well and I discovered (or rediscovered as it were) beading. I love creative-ness and I do love the way beads look and work. I also learned to use wire with the beads. I have a slide show at the end of the blog showing some of the things I've done SINCE Christmas. Some of those were gifts and some are for inventory.

A friend and I are going to start selling, website etc coming soon. I'm excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to do a craft I love, play with different ways to use the beads, wire, etc. I'm really excited about a couple of the ideas and will go into those individually later. Rosaries are on my agenda as well so if you're Catholic or know someone who is - stay tuned.

The kids have been talking excitedly about the baby coming, they have given their opinions on everything from what it's going to be (we don't find out via ultrasound), names (most interesting being "we should name the baby butterball" coming from our current baby of the family (now 3). And of course her opinion changes with every passing moment. I am getting anxious about it all, funny how that never changes, no matter how many you have. Will the house be as I wish it to be?, Can I really do this again?, Am I too old for this?, and the pain... never look forward to that but know I can deal with it. :) Been there done that just does not seem to be a sufficient answer when it comes to having babies.

Needless to say I intend to get my blogs going again, I'm sure there will be a break in the middle of April again but I'm going to try and keep things more up to date than I have recently. Enjoy, do something you love today. :)