Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nobody, Shedidit, Hedidit and Jacobdidit...

On facebook recently I posted this on my status:

Nobody spilled the milk on the table, Nobody left dishes in the living room or clothes on the floor, Nobody opened the dishwasher before it was done and didn't shut it again, Nobody pulled sisters hair and my favorite... Nobody let the dog get into the candy. I'd like to take Nobody out to the woodshed and switch the hell out of Nobody cuz Nobody is going to drive mamma straight to the funny farm.

To which my mother responded:

I was always trying to find shedidit.

Given the fact that my mom had just us two girls that makes perfect sense. :) It reminded me of a story we use to tell and joke about a lot though. When we first moved to our current house we had 2 kids, Bobby who was about 8 and Joe who was 15 months.

As I've mentioned previously, I had a very close friend where we lived before in the student housing. The one I started homeschooling with. At that time she had three children the oldest boy being Jacob. Well, after we moved about 120 miles away, we started seeing a bit of a pattern. When ever we would ask the question "who did ______" we would get the answer back "Jacob did it." LOL Poor Jacob was blamed for a good many things in the first few weeks here, though he'd never stepped foot in the house. It always amazed me that the words so easily slipped out of the mouths of our kiddos. It was quite a long time after that where "Jacob did it" became the catch phrase for just about every incident good or bad possible in our home.

Good friends, good memories, and the precious things we loose when we don't write them down when we catch hold of them again... I'm glad I was reminded of this so I could jot it down. :) All of these kids are so much older now - time just flies...

And Jacob - you are such a wonderful young man now, and you have and continue to make your family proud. Keep it up, you'll do great things. :)