Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expanding our family tree...

This post is from what seems like a lifetime ago. I just published now because it was here... and still nice to see. The Kidd as I call our first born who is now at West Point, has been there for 1.5 years. Time flies. This was from when his journey started at USMAPS. What a trip. USMA 2014 ... graduation will be here soon.

How I wish I'd gotten a better pic of this tree in central park. I love the shape.

In the meantime, as stated earlier we are expanding our family tree. Driving 4000 miles, even while breaking it into 1000 mile increments, is not fun while going through the whole morning sickness thing. And as I see people who know I've been gone they always ask "how was your trip?" My answer has been a mix... It was fantastic, I saw things I might not ever again, it was tiring, it was long, it was fun, and I love that my little ones have a whole new story to share as a result.

Now that I've had a couple of days of thinking about it, there were some really awesome points to our trip that I will never forget, so putting the tired, and long trip behind me, I'm going to focus on the best things about the trip. Watching my son walk across the field in his uniform to greet us - THAT WAS AWESOME, and the highlight. Getting to hear about more of his "prep school life" that was neat too, walking around New York with my husband showing us all the things he had seen and thought we should, going to the church across from the world trade center area flooded me with tears and renewed my sense of pride in all those who do what MUST be done, regardless. We saw trees that I could have sworn someone had painted, but found out they actually chip in layers so that they look like the digital cammies my son so proudly wears. The tree in central park that caught my interest, the pictures will remind me over and again of all the little things that just swept me into a different world.

Amazing the little things that do that isn't it? And now, we have yet another child coming along and I have had conversation after conversation about how each child is different, and their place in the family is different. This little one will know less of his or her oldest brother, he won't be here to swing him/her on his arm or over his shoulder, but there will be a different bond there. And the second in line will figure out what it is like to be the oldest, and that bond will be different, non the less we all will be on the same page - why? Because the family tree is still connected, and each branch is still important in the composition of the whole tree.

The distance, we sometimes feel as our family members set out to do what they need to do in the world can be overwhelming, but the world of family will always remain small, and close.