Friday, May 6, 2016

Miss: FMF

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Minnie and Harry Moneypenny
In Laramie, Wy.

Years ago, when I was young my grandparents lived in the mountains in Albany, Wy. This was their retirement, and it was wonderful for them, and for us. I grew up in Laramie, Wy. Each weekend (most weekends that I can remember) we took the 40 -minute drive to go visit. It was a magical place for a kid. In the snowy months, which lasted from fall until spring, we parked below the cabin at a bar and grandpa would come get us with his snowmobile and a sled. In the summer, we could drive right up to the cabin. 

Harry and Minnie Moneypenny at the cabin in Albany
I miss my grandparents, I miss that cabin, I miss the snow that was so deep in the winter that there would be steps carved into them to get down to the front door, which was a step up from the ground in the summer. I miss the time I had with my sister in those days, playing in the woods. I miss going there to hunt colorful Easter eggs in the snow, I miss laying under the trees looking up at the clouds moving in the sky, I miss hearing the train and running out to see it as it passed so close. 
I miss the snowmobile rides, the motorcycle rides, sledding down the hill. I miss even the boring days of looking through the Penny’s toy catalog, worn and dog-eared, and the coloring books that littered the floor when we thought we had nothing better to do. 

Digging out an Easter Egg
Yes, that is actually me...
I miss hearing the adults play cards and chat away, I miss the smell of the house, the old wood stove that garnered many a warning for littles “HOT, don’t touch!”. The blanket with all the states with birds and flowers on it over the bed where we napped. Sitting on grandpa’s lap with my head against his chest as he talked.

Harry Moneypenny holding Toni (my sis) and Maxine (me)
I think we must have been getting ready to leave.
 I miss watching grandma sit with her coffee and cigarette laughing at a story someone was telling.  Listening to warnings and stories of the “speedball” who drove past the cabin every so often, of the “sisters” that lived up the road. 

Minnie Moneypenny
in the cabin at Albany
I know memory can be a funny thing, it could be that we didn’t spend near as much time up there as I remember, but I wouldn’t give those memories up for anything. I miss my grandparents and all they gave us. I miss all the stories I didn’t pay attention to and all the questions I never asked about their lives. I have pictures and bits of stories, but as an adult, I can appreciate just how much of them I didn’t know.

This one... we don't know why she was dressed in that uniform. George was in the service. 

George and Minnie
(Grandma and her brother)

Just over 5 minutes.

And since it is nearly mothers day, and I do have some of these pics handy because my momma was missing her momma and shared them on Facebook it only feels right to say.

Thanks mom! Thanks for keeping us close to them, for taking us there pretty regularly, for the memories, for the fun, for all the experiences that came along with all of this. I'll talk to you on Sunday. :)
Happy Mother's Day
I love you. 

Mom at the cabin in Albany
Me, mom and Toni


  1. This post was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. I never got to meet my grandparents they had passed away when I was born. I do miss not having met them and share memories with them. Blessings and a Happy Mother's day to you. Stopped by from Five Minute Fridayxxx

  2. Maxine,
    my only regret is that it took an entire week to come visit your post on "miss". I'm sorry I missed out on this tribute to your grandparents! Thank you for sharing with so much love the memories of time spent. I bet they enjoyed watching you grow each year as you continued to visit and make memories!
    (Tonight's prompt is "grow")
    Hope to see you continue at FMF!