Friday, May 13, 2016

Grow: FMF

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Oh boy, I've done a lot of growing as a person, my kids won't stop growing, I'm growing a business and the natural progression of all of that is that I grow as a blogger.

I've been quiet lately, but I've been busy busy busy getting some things in the works for my readers, for my blog and for my business.

The kids are continuing with school and I still have a house to manage (sort of manage)... so life moves on.

There are some other things that fit with "GROW" around here... I'll share some pics.

Avacado is growing

Bity girl is growing

Chickens are growing

My egg stockpile is growing

Daylilies, Peonies, and Irises are growing

Front patch is growing

Rose bush is growing

Neighbors lilac is growing over the fence
Yup... things are really growing around here...

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