Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You've been clipped...

I fully admit that my children come by their weirdness honestly.

That said...
You see these harmless and seemingly boring clips?

They have become the bane of my peaceful evening... ha ha ha
who am I kidding... peaceful evening is an oxymoron when there are 4 - 5 kids in the house.

Yes, my children were obligated to pose for me... after hours of this.
She's been clipped.

He's been clipped.

This is how it's done, but with a little more sneak.

And this...

This is where it started...

Yes, at one point this happened successfully.

 The point is to simply sneak up on the other person and add some sort of clip to their clothing, or hair etc. without them realizing what you've done.

This has literally gone on all day. Everything is peaceful and calm as they all sit to do homework and then, out of the blue I would hear: "dang it!" followed by "yup, you've been clipped."

And it is literally amazing to me how they kept this going throughout the day, with some spans from clipping to finding the clip lasting as much as an hour and half.

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking I should be able to chalk this up as some sort of homeschooling lesson. They did get other studies done, a surprising amount actually as the one doing the clipping would sit and do their work as quietly as possible so as not to arouse suspicion.

And I gotta say, it takes skill to get a little clip on someones clothes without them realizing it.

Lesson: Have fun. Don't go crazy, don't let them go crazy, but have fun and let them have fun. Work WILL get done and the giggles and silly memories made are worth at least as much as that math lesson. I promise. 

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