Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Throwing schedules out the window...

... sometimes you just have to do it.

Today I decided to take the 2 hour trip to Colorado Springs to watch my daughter shoot in the Junior Olympic Championships, and spend time with a very handsome volunteer. Yup, that's the daughter and the husband. I set my alarm for 5:00 am, woke up 10 minutes before... Thrive has really improved my internal clock!

The drive to Colorado Springs took 3 hours because people in Colorado are not as good at driving on wet roads, with a little snow spitting at them as you'd think they would be. I got there just in time to see the girl get her stuff on and begin her competition. 

She didn't do too bad, improved from the day before and had some fun. I can not wait to see where this takes her. So far she has learned a really great sport, met some really great people, shot next to (and against) Olympians in her sport. Today we were honored to have an awesome gentleman help with the awards ceremony and although Maggie didn't get an award, she was able to get a picture with Mr. Lonus Wigger. Mr. Wigger was a member of the United States Olympic team on three occasions, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Maggie has met him on several occasions, shooting with him at PTO's, but I think this is the first opportunity she had to get a pic with him. 

It has been a long few days for Maggie and I think she was exhausted and very happy to be heading home.

The drive home was much better than the drive there. The traffic was better and the husband was driving. I miss my home state of Wyoming for many reasons, but there are times when Colorado is just as good. 

Beautiful, no?

The point is I could have let my son go get my husband and daughter, and stayed home with the other kids getting another day of school work done and some cleaning and writing more blogs, and stalking facebook... but I decided to throw the schedule out the window just for today. And occasionally, that is what you have to do on your journey.  I got to scream at some dumb drivers, surprise my husband, watch my daughter compete, see a legend in the sport AND watch him make a wonderful example of a young woman who did something AWESOME even though it cost her a championship, see some beautiful scenery, and just make some memories.

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