Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The whole bathroom issue and some common sense... maybe.

Saw a meme today... so as not to fall into the photo issues I'll just tell you what it said:

In case you didn't know: Transgender people don't want to use the bathroom of their intended gender to prey on your wive's and kids, they want to use it because they have to pee.  then some nonsense about "facts over fear".

My thoughts.

*** NO, they don't fight for the laws etc, because they "just want to pee". These laws also affect locker rooms. And I don't care how comfortable you are with your body women do not want to go into a locker room and strip down with a person with a penis. Because "feelings" aside - when you are naked you have to contend with anatomy.

*** There is no reason for any type of law on this what so ever. Here's why.
We have laws against voyeurism.
We have laws against rape and molestation.
We have laws against beating the crap out of someone.
We have laws against flaunting your private parts to members of the opposite sex.
We have laws against harassment.
We have laws coming out our damn eyeballs.
So here's the deal.
IF you are indeed a transgender person with male parts, but living as a woman, and your true intent is to just live the gender you "feel" you are.
Dress your gender identity.
Act your gender identity.
Go into the bathroom of your gender identity.
Use the locker room of your gender identity.
DO NOT - flaunt your junk in the main area of the bathroom or locker room.
1. this puts a halt on you "living your identity" - because you have now flaunted that you have got a penis.
2. you have just freaked out some little girl who really isn't ready to have seen what you just flaunted.
3. you have just freaked out the mother of said little girl.
4. you have just broken the law.
See here is the common sense portion of today's lesson. IF you are living your life as a woman as you claim as the ONLY thing you really want to do, you might get an awkward glance here or there because maybe you are big boned etc. but there is no evidence that you are indeed not a woman, and life goes on.
Now, if we have it my way and there are no laws regulating who can use what bathroom/locker per say, and someone stops you physically and harasses you, then YOU have a case of harassment against them - all this providing you have not done something that gives them evidence that you are indeed transgender (like showing them your penis).
Because you see, there is NO way to "test" a person's gender identity, and this is important. Because if we have a law that specifically states that any transgender person may use the bathroom of their identity this opens up and potentially PROTECTS someone that neither the "straight" community or the "transgender" community wants to protect. (That is if I take most of you at your word.) It would protect the rapists and pedophiles that will and actually have used this new law to play dress up and go into the bathroom or locker room strictly to "get off" on his perversion. And making a law specifically protects him because he can "claim" to be a transgender and at that point, not much can be done because the law states that transgender can use the restroom. See?
So my point? leave the "law" out of this and let's use some commons sense AND the laws already on the books and stop muddying the waters with new laws, which have the sole function of making everyone "feel" better.
And for my friends who say "but I don't want them in the bathroom with my kids." I understand, but again, if they are truly just wanting to live the life of their gender neither you nor your kids will ever even know. Now this might be disturbing to you, and I get it, but you can do things to protect yourself as well. Law or no law a man can always walk into a women's bathroom dressed as a woman. So be vigilant, don't let your kids go alone to a public bathroom. Teach them to be aware of their surroundings and scream bloody freaking murder if anyone approaches them or tries to touch them.
We need to stop, with the coddling and "be fair" crap that is going on, get back to some common sense laws and then enforce those laws. Stop pandering to every minority out there... seriously, should we allow the tiger lady to live in the zoo with the other tigers just because she identifies with and has made herself to look like a tiger??? It gets ridiculous. If you are a man who wants to live as a woman. Good for you, you go for it buddy, but expect that like every other person in the known world you will have to take some crap in your life. If it isn't because you are transgender it will be for something else. I am not suggesting you have to take a beating ... I'm saying get some tough freaking skin and be confident enough in YOUR choice to ignore some of the "looks" and "questions" you might get. Yes, someone might ask if you are in the right bathroom. SO WHAT, people ask me if I know how I got pregnant because I have 6 kids. Learn to brush that shit off.
And while I'm hitting on the hard subjects today.
What is it with the "hate crimes" crap?
Seriously, if you are committing a violent crime against another human being it's a hate crime.
If a woman is beaten, hanged and left for dead she's just as beaten, hanged, and left for dead as if she were a gay man or a black woman. Stop with this stuff. We have laws against beating, hanging and leaving for dead.

Here's a novel idea... how about if we enforce those laws to the fullest extent regardless of who it was that did it or is lying in the coffin.

Common sense laws.
Thicken up the skin a bit.
Personal Responsibility.
Opportunity costs.

Tomorrow I will answer a few questions I got on this when I posted on facebook... 

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