Sunday, April 24, 2016

The death of a tree today...

Ok, I'm not really the tree hugging type. I don't want to see all the trees gone, but I'm not going to strap myself to one and starve.  We had a little tree when we moved in it was about as tall as me. It was a crab apple tree... and for what ever reason it died. Not 100% dead but it was on it's way. Then we had the heavy snow... and then the bark all started to fall off. 

Anyway, since I seem to have writers block today... but it's day 29 and I refuse to let today be the day I flop. Here's a few pics... of our tree. 

I can't find my really early pics of the tree, but here was when we did the oldest's grad pics.
You can see it was a bit shorter.

Lots of fun was had in the shade. 

 We've had a few nests in there too. 

 That was a good year for blooms, but it really was pretty like that until last year. That was when we noticed it starting to die off. 

 Even in the winter I liked getting pics of the branches.

 Then this year... dumb heavy snow. But I think it was worse because the tree was already worse off then we suspected. 

 He started from the top, because he would have liked to save some of it. 

 Unfortunately, it was just too far gone. 

 At this point... if I had the extra dough, I would have gotten someone over to do an eagle out of this.

 We'll have to dig it up eventually... but this is how the day ended. Makes me sad, maybe we can get a more productive tree. Apple maybe? Guess we shall see. 

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