Saturday, April 9, 2016

The bookshelf of a homeschool mom

Instead of the cupid shuffle around here we do the bookshelf shuffle.
Every year we shufle the old school books out and the new books in and sometimes some old ones come back because a younger little is using them.

Every year I find it difficult to figure out where to put them, how to handle them, which are too old, which are too worn, what do we need, what don't we need... you see? Shuffle.

And then there is clutter to contend with. I tend to keep everything. Add that to homeschooling and you've got a recipe for chaos.

Sometime last year I decided to figure it out. One too many ruined books sent me over the edge.

So I took my china hutch, took off all the clutter and added books. And a basket for each kid for their daily workbooks. I thought, "well it might work, it might not work. Either way, it's a start." I don't usually have much confidence in our ability to embrace change around here.

So far, it has worked very well. Ocasionally, we have to "crack the whip" and go through the baskets and figure out what goes where, but for the most part we have kept a very good order of our books this way.

And I have another shelf, that use to be a mish mash of movies and books and lost items. More recently than the other one, we decided that we needed to pair down the movies and see if we could keep order on this shelf too. Imagine my delight when it mostly worked there too. 

Still the room on the shelves diminished and I had to get creative. I decided I would take some of my own books and seperate them from the "normal" books and the "school" books. And I found a use for the coolest old wooden box we have. Bonus. 

So, what's the point? Why blog about THIS?

The point of a blog is to answer a question or solve a problem. While my solution ot my problem might not be perfect for you there is a lesson or two good for anyone looking for a little more organization.

1. Go for it.
      I put off even trying because I didn't think we could maintain it.
2. Don't spend a lot to do the organizing. Use what you have.
      I spent a little gift money on those little baskets, but other than that I had the wooden boxes and shelves already here. I re-thought how I was using them, and put them to better use.
3. If it does not work the first time, try again.
      This was not the first time I had tried to deal with our school mess. Probably why I put it off so long to do it this way.

Next project is to get some more modpodge and cover that ugly file cabinet with book pages. I have some little house on the prairie books that just got too old, too brittle and fell apart. How cool would the illustrated pages look on there?

What is your next organization project?


  1. I need to clean out my closets, I did the toy room with much success. Know getting her to clean her room is a war I plan to win.

  2. I've been working on my bookshelves too! I try to keep my homeschool and learning books away from just the fun books! We just have so many! lol.