Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life of mom...

When my kids crack me up...
"Mom! Don't blink, don't look away. OH, send Maggie a text tell her we are bringing this for the garden."
text happend
"NOOOOOOO! That is NOT happening!"
Dr. Who fans get it.

When the most timid of them all catches 9 fish in one day. AND the fish understand... do you see that look? She's thinking "oh yeah"... and the fish is thinking "HELP"...

When you realize that your almost 6 year old child has absolutely NO idea how to eat a swiss roll.

        She walks up to me and says "a fancy restaurant would be like 'twenty dollars please.'"

And no pic... but then you have a story come on your PM from your kid and you are thinking... "really?" and then you realize he didn't mean to send that one to you. LOL

And your adult child who does not live at home sends a text that in a side way kind of manner sends you into a laughing fit and you nearly choke...

I love my kids.

Things on Star Trek I wish we had in real life...

1. A food replicator.

2. Phasers that can be set on stun when you need just a little kick.

3. A transporter.

4. A food replicator.

Then realizing the list is not even worth "wanting" because you don't even have an automatic dishwasher which IS actually possible.

Things I'm looking forward to.

Monday ... because Mondays are the day it's time to take over the world!   Thrivers will get this.

Friday ... because LOVE!

The weekend ... because the girl is going to the Junior Olympics for Air Rifle.

Life in general in the years to come... because this life is really fun, with just enough frustration to make me appreciate the good stuff.

What are you looking forward to?

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