Saturday, April 23, 2016

Finding a Happy Place Outside

Spending time with others OUTSIDE the box (house) is a good way to lift the spirits.

It's hard to do sometimes. 

You might have to get out of bed early.
   **Thanks Thrive for making that easier.
You might have to be out in the wind.
It might get cold.
You might get a sunburn.
There may be moments of silence.

At the same time...
You might meet new people.
You might be invited to try something new.
You might have some good conversation.
You might get voluntold... jk, I was asked nicely.
Yes, looks like this is my year to join in. 

Had to get a picture of the pheasant that took a stroll through the ^^^ range... yes, there had been shots fired. You'd think the noise would have kept him off the range, but he seemed perfectly happy to be there. 

New (to me) plants. 

Windblown! Will not even attempt to comb that out till I have conditioner in my hair.

Quite a few people on the line for such a windy day. 

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