Monday, April 18, 2016

Find a challenge and PUSH through it.

Grab a nice hot tea, or a cup of coffee and take a minute.

My favorite tea, love the color.
Yesterday I told you about two steps that have helped me the most. That is not to say they are the only steps to take or even the biggest or that I'm living a perfectly happy life these days.

 I would hope you understand that I write these things as they come, as occurs to me they need sharing - for me as much as anyone, and  just because I finally feel like I might be getting a handle on this "happy" stuff.

I am just a normal mom and wife and I still get lost in the weeds, I get busy and I get frustrated. The difference these days is the weeds do not over run me. I can recognize them and either turn them into something good or just pull them and throw them away. I am more in control.

Even the weeds can have their good points.
I am on day 23 of a 30-day blogging challenge. I am feeling really good about where I started and what I have learned. I have a long way to go but this initial 22 days has begun a change in my blogging, and shown me where I'd like my focus. My blog is changing from an occasional online journal to a place where I hope to continue my development and just maybe help someone else do the same.

Today's tip is to challenge yourself. Go to Pinterest and do a search for something you want to do then add challenge behind it. Seriously, rarely will you come in contact with a brick wall doing this, if my some chance you do go to google. I spent 15 minutes this am on Pinterest looking for different challenges I could think of and this board is the result. Challenge Me

The good thing about these challenges are:
1. even if you come in late you can find the day by day lists etc. and do them yourself.
2. you can always find something that will interest you.
3. on that Pinterest board I even found a tutorial on creating your OWN challenge.

Tips on getting the most from your challenge:
1. Make a commitment to yourself to follow through.
2. Pin it to your Pinterest, bookmark it on your computer, or print it out and hang it on your mirror to make it easy to find every day.
3. Set aside a particular time to get it done by each day/week/month. Set a notification on your phone or computer.
4. Really set your mind to finishing this.
5. Do NOT give up if you find yourself stuck. It's a challenge, it's supposed to be somewhat difficult.
6. If you miss a day DON'T GIVE UP! How you handle this is up to you but we get busy, it does no good for you to beat yourself up for missing a day. Start again the next day from where you are or just skip the one you missed and move on, or move the one you missed on the end of the list.

I have started a million challenges, I have not finished many of them. It feels good to be successful at a challenge but, even the ones you don't finish can make a big impact. Remember yesterday when I told you I had started the Joy Dare several times? I have never written down a full year of 3 gifts per day, BUT it has been one of the biggest impacts on my journey. Challenge yourself, see where it leads you.

What would you like to improve upon? Is there something you'd like to learn how to do? Did you search for a challenge? Tell me about it in the comments.


  1. Just to think, in 7 days you'll have done this one and you'll have completed your first challenge. The good news is I have plenty more :)
    PS Love how well you're doing x

    1. Thanks Sarah, it has been fun and challenging, and rewarding. I have a lot of work to do... baby steps. :)