Friday, April 15, 2016

Easy: FMF

It's Five Minute Friday again. Imagine my surprise?
Today's Prompt is EASY.
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Choosing to have a cup of coffee. EASY!
Choosing which one to try first... not so easy.

When the husband goes to Costa Rica on business...
I am spoiled.

So, I use to be a 2 pot of coffee a day drinker, I love coffee, but I also NEEDED coffee. I started Thriving, so now I don't NEED it but I still love it. Easy, see? So now I drink a cup or two a week. 
Coffee is even better when you don't need it. When you drink it just for the pure joy of drinking it. 
And while I enjoy my coffee, and the husband gets a much-needed nap, I found the perfect spot for my new plate too.

Life is good. Take it easy. Be grateful. Enjoy every moment. 

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