Friday, April 1, 2016

Decide: Five Minute Friday

Decisions can make a small impact or a huge impact. Those you think will be huge are sometimes not so much, and visa-versa

Today I decided to go shopping a little earlier than normal because the boy had a Dr. appointment and I didn't feel like waiting until after that. Shopping for 2 weeks for a family of 7 is not a small jaunt to the store, but I thought there and back and then send the boy to the doc. It didn't go as smooth as all that. This one made a larger impact. 

Shopping took longer than I thought and the kids at home didn't do as much as I intended them to do. That means they decided on weekend homework. No slacking. This makes a small impact. 

Today I decided to have a small easy, probably not very healthy, dinner. Because... shopping. BUT while we were shopping the boy suggested this Chicken Fajita Salad. It sounded delicious. I always end up tweaking recipes to what I have on hand, so it was not EXACTLY the same but the recipe is wonderful. So we decided to change our dinner plans. This made a small impact on our shopping. 

Making this meal is more involved, and I'm tired, and I'm ready to relax. I've just been on the phone with the bank to fix an error on their part. So changing the meal plans also made a large impact. 

Oh but it was worth it. 

A few days ago I decided that I needed more than just a simple lemon juice in my water. I looked at several infused water recipes and this is my version. Strawberries, cucumber, and lemon. I have not seen the impact yet, of course, but I suspect it will have some impact.

In the last couple years my decisions have made small impacts if you look at them one by one, but over the long hall the impact has been HUGE!

So what is my point. I don't know. It would take me all day to really get into the nitty gritty and today I'm just ready for bed. However, I guess to sum it up I would say make your decisions with deliberate thought. Trust God. Be grateful. And don't forget that what seems HUGE now might actually end up being either very small OR a lesson needed.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how all those small decisions add up so quickly and often in a profound way. Like deciding to pick up your Bible in five spare minutes and finding yourself in a better mood and encouraged all day!