Monday, April 11, 2016

10 of my favorite pieces - Beading Branches

A friend and I love to bead. The problem with a hobby like this is that you find yourself accumulating quite a stash of beadwork. We have a facebook page where we list the items we have available, some things we've done in the past, and where people can get in touch with us. 

It's called Beading Branches

Here are my favorite available pieces. 

Golden Summer Fun

Tree of Peace

A Pocket full of Porcelain

A few satisfied customers (from our fb page):
* Thanks Maxine, I love the earrings I won and those along with what I ordered came today. Beautiful job on all of the pieces. These make such nice gifts and are affordable..for those of you who haven't checked out or bought from the site I really encourage you to these girls and boys do some fantastic original pieces...Thanks againThanks! I love them.*Gorgeous, as usual! Thanks, Maxine

*She's going to love it, Maxine!

Go ahead on over and take a peek. :) We'd love to make room for more beadwork! 

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