Friday, April 29, 2016

Pass: FMF

Five Minute Friday... where you get a prompt and write for five minutes on that prompt.
Join in here. 
Today's prompt is: Pass

How do I know? Because all of these pics were taken on a short drive to the chiropractor.
With my daughter driving.
Because time has passed all to quickly.
April 2016 

Because just yesterday...
She was 8 years old and was holding trying to hold the world in her hands even then.
December 2008 Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, Co

This too shall pass. All too quickly, with just a blink of an eye.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happiness with a twitch of my nose

Day 30!!!! Last post for the 30-day blogging challenge.

I will do a review tomorrow, but I wanted to finish the challenge with the topic I found more focus with during the challenge. Finding happiness! I've said it before, I'm not a perfectly bubbly happy person I have to work on it every. single. day.  And because I have worked on it for a while now, my life is MUCH better for it.

Ready. Set. Go.

If I could twitch my nose and have anything I wanted to happen be so, what would I twitch for? What would make me instantly happy?

I would know how to communicate effectively, without any misunderstandings.

I would never see the "resting bitch face" in a picture of me, ever again.

I would have more money.

I would have more land around my house.

I would be thin and fit.

My husband and children would know how much I love them without a doubt, EVER.

Common sense would make a comeback.

Someone would do my housework and shopping for me.

If you could twitch your nose and have anything you wanted, what would you twitch for?
Write a list before moving on.

Go ahead write it out.

5 - 8 items...

You can do it...

You'll thank me.

I'll wait.

Done? Ok, read on.

We all know this is fantasy. There is no such thing as the Samantha twitch that we can learn or acquire. So what do we do? Just suffer through it?

No, we take a second look at our list. And make a plan.
Here's my list again... but with some ideas of how to fit my "twitches" into a plan.

I would know how to communicate effectively, without any misunderstandings.
This is something you can learn. I CAN LEARN this. It isn't as if communication comes naturally to every person, there are classes, self-help books, blogs etc. I can learn this. 
1. I will research avenues to learn this.
2. I will pick one of those and make a plan to spend some time each week to improve my communication.
3. I will invite some people to learn with me and hold me accountable.  

I would never see the "resting bitch face" in a picture of me, ever again.

1. This is also something I can learn. Practice smiling more often, eventually my "resting face" will be a happier face. 
2. The proof will be in the pudding. I will be held accountable by the pictures that show up.

I would have more money.
Ok, granted this one is really broad. So with this one I need to narrow it a little. 
I would like to make more money with my blog, my jewelry, and my Thrive team.  
1. Work through the blog challenge emails. Yes, it was 30 days. Yes, I learned a lot. Yes, I think I implemented some of the tasks and lessons given. NO, I did not take full advantage of all of the information. There is a lot of information there. I didn't fully understand all of the information - that is on me. I need to learn more. 
2. Be more present with the beadwork, get it out there, find a place to put it in a storefront.
3. The big one... I know what I need to do with this and steps have already been taken. Basically I have three things I need to focus on.
a. calls - make more, listen to more, hold more.
 b. build my team. 
c. focus on my goals.  

I would have more land around my house.
This can come later, when the money comes. I can pay attention to land prices etc. but really this is a long term goal that can be put on a vision board for future use. 

I would be thin and fit.
Seriously... this does not need a nose twitch, it needs a whole body twitch. 
1. Make goals for exercise and stick to them.
2. Make food goals and stick to them.
3. Get a group and be accountable to them.
While doing this challenge I also started a challenge for exercise. I found that having those ladies posting their progress and the exercises for the day really did keep me motivated to keep on track. And that laughed with me floundering my way through it... that was the best. More of that will definately help me keep up with the exercising and food changes I need to make.  

 My husband and children would know how much I love them without a doubt, EVER.
This will just take purposeful effort on my part. This one is all on me. My family sees and hears only what I show and tell them. It is up to me to make sure that I am giving them the right attention and plenty of it. 
Common sense would make a comeback.

I can use my voice to make a dent in this. AND I can make an effort to really think through things leaving emotion on the side table. I think this can snowball. 
Someone would do my housework and shopping for me.
1. I have kids to do my houswork. 
 2. Grocery stores will either get your stuff together so you can pick it up when it's ready OR they will deliver to your house. I just have to research and organize enough to make it happen. 

Now, go at your list... what can you do to change your wishes for twitches into a productive goal list so that your life is exactly what you want it to be?

In the last 30 days have I inspired you in any way? Made you think? Given you any usable tips? Leave me a comment. I really want to know what you think. Be kind, but be honest.

Thanks for joining in with me on this.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The death of a tree today...

Ok, I'm not really the tree hugging type. I don't want to see all the trees gone, but I'm not going to strap myself to one and starve.  We had a little tree when we moved in it was about as tall as me. It was a crab apple tree... and for what ever reason it died. Not 100% dead but it was on it's way. Then we had the heavy snow... and then the bark all started to fall off. 

Anyway, since I seem to have writers block today... but it's day 29 and I refuse to let today be the day I flop. Here's a few pics... of our tree. 

I can't find my really early pics of the tree, but here was when we did the oldest's grad pics.
You can see it was a bit shorter.

Lots of fun was had in the shade. 

 We've had a few nests in there too. 

 That was a good year for blooms, but it really was pretty like that until last year. That was when we noticed it starting to die off. 

 Even in the winter I liked getting pics of the branches.

 Then this year... dumb heavy snow. But I think it was worse because the tree was already worse off then we suspected. 

 He started from the top, because he would have liked to save some of it. 

 Unfortunately, it was just too far gone. 

 At this point... if I had the extra dough, I would have gotten someone over to do an eagle out of this.

 We'll have to dig it up eventually... but this is how the day ended. Makes me sad, maybe we can get a more productive tree. Apple maybe? Guess we shall see. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Finding a Happy Place Outside

Spending time with others OUTSIDE the box (house) is a good way to lift the spirits.

It's hard to do sometimes. 

You might have to get out of bed early.
   **Thanks Thrive for making that easier.
You might have to be out in the wind.
It might get cold.
You might get a sunburn.
There may be moments of silence.

At the same time...
You might meet new people.
You might be invited to try something new.
You might have some good conversation.
You might get voluntold... jk, I was asked nicely.
Yes, looks like this is my year to join in. 

Had to get a picture of the pheasant that took a stroll through the ^^^ range... yes, there had been shots fired. You'd think the noise would have kept him off the range, but he seemed perfectly happy to be there. 

New (to me) plants. 

Windblown! Will not even attempt to comb that out till I have conditioner in my hair.

Quite a few people on the line for such a windy day. 

Friday, April 22, 2016


Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is... unite.

Join in here.

As happens quite often when I first read the prompt I was at a loss. Unite? Really?

Then the flood and the choices you make to keep it to 5 minutes. And you can't.

Atoms unite... and make me happy... enjoy!

Because some days it does a body good to just take a camera and snap some shots of things that look interesting up close.

What kinds of things would you take pictures of? Snap a few and share them in a blog, put the link in the comments.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tip for all of my blogger friends ...

... who get a lot of guff from their grammar geek friends. I was (am) at the top of that list.

I am not a grammar geek. No, really, not at all. I have gotten 2 kids through high-school  AT HOME, and I will STILL never claim to be a grammar geek.

I have enjoyed learning how to diagram sentences, to some degree, and will not claim to be a grammar geek.

I worry about proper grammar about as much as I worry about my children having a lack of confidence. For those of you who do not know me IRL, there is NO lack of confidence in my kids.

I do, however like that people can actually READ what I have to say. I know that if I go to a blog with a lot of errors (and that I can recognize a lot of errors) it is difficult for me to stick with it.

So for all my blogger friends who get a lot of guff, or just want to improve. My favorite tool of all time is Grammarly.

You just download the app on your computer or phone, and type in blogger, in your word-processor, on the web... where ever you type you start getting little red or green arrows highlighting all your spelling and grammar errors. It even gives you suggestions on words you might have meant to use.

Like any tool, it's not perfect. I am sure some of my grammar geek friends could go crazy on some of my posts with their little red pens, but I think they give me a break because they have seen some improvement. Also, there are a lot of times when it gives me that little red arrow and an underlined word and a suggestion and, frankly they are just wrong, because ENGLISH... I won't say any more about that.

Just go, look it up, try it out, I use the free version and it works just fine.

How does this help me find my happy place? A few ways.
 * I am happier when I find less errors in my work.
 * I am happier when I learn something new. This happens when you pay attention to the errors and notice the ones you make over and over and get tired of correcting them.
And finally, and maybe even a little sassy of me.
 * I kinda like it when it gives me an error, but I can ignore it because - ha - computers are not perfect after all and it just didn't know what I meant. Yup, that does happen.

Do you have a favorite grammar checker? or are you a grammar geek?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Thrive by Le-Vel Experience

This is my Thrive experience as of Nov. 2015.

I am a Wife and Homeschooling Mom to 6 from 4 to 24 yrs. I started Thrive in July 2014, after telling Kathy no several times. But you see, I had a reason to say yes, I wanted to improve my health. My family had taken one road trip across the country that summer already, and we were gearing up for another. 5 kids and a dog, mom, and dad, in a van 3000 miles and sleeping in a camper.
My before will show why I was willing to try Thrive. We were facing a second trip, for my oldest son's wedding. And I wanted so bad just to be able to dance ONE dance without having aches and discomfort.

Before Thrive:
Discomfort and aches in my neck and back.
Naps. Like, random, falling asleep at my computer or in the car all the time naps.
Lack of sound sleep.
I could not stand or walk for long periods of time without aches and discomfort.
My exercise had come to a complete halt.

After Thrive:
I was one of the lucky "day-one thrivers"
No aches or discomforts - all those meds I’d been taking for years GONE!
More energy, all day, sustained, full, get your body moving energy.
No more naps.
My house looked better than it had in a long time.
I was laughing more, smiling more, moving more.
I didn't NEED coffee, from day 1 - after being a pot a day (at least) coffee drinker.
I didn't want soda, or sweets, or junk food.... what the heck was happening to me?
No more cravings, no more going nuts for the sweet or the salt.
I LOVE water! - Use to have to force it down.
As of Nov 1, I have lost 50lbs. THAT is so amazing! Because I had been trying to lose weight and it just was not budging.

BTW at that wedding, I did dance... and I danced a lot. I was even able to help with preparations - and still dance. It was incredible.

I missed all my bonuses, and I have been a tortoise as far as the business is concerned. I am ok with that because I have a bigger priority first and that is to educate my children. Thrive has made that possible. I have not paid for the product since Aug. working this business in the nooks and crannies of a busy schedule I did hit 4K. It took until the end of Nov. but I did it. I have a growing team, and I have been able to help my family and get myself some little extras too.
I made a mistake in the beginning. I said no too many times.

And all of that ^^^ is why there will never again be a day why I will never again start my day 

without these ^^^ three steps. 

* This story was approved by Le-Vel compliance and posted on their fan page. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Throwing schedules out the window...

... sometimes you just have to do it.

Today I decided to take the 2 hour trip to Colorado Springs to watch my daughter shoot in the Junior Olympic Championships, and spend time with a very handsome volunteer. Yup, that's the daughter and the husband. I set my alarm for 5:00 am, woke up 10 minutes before... Thrive has really improved my internal clock!

The drive to Colorado Springs took 3 hours because people in Colorado are not as good at driving on wet roads, with a little snow spitting at them as you'd think they would be. I got there just in time to see the girl get her stuff on and begin her competition. 

She didn't do too bad, improved from the day before and had some fun. I can not wait to see where this takes her. So far she has learned a really great sport, met some really great people, shot next to (and against) Olympians in her sport. Today we were honored to have an awesome gentleman help with the awards ceremony and although Maggie didn't get an award, she was able to get a picture with Mr. Lonus Wigger. Mr. Wigger was a member of the United States Olympic team on three occasions, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Maggie has met him on several occasions, shooting with him at PTO's, but I think this is the first opportunity she had to get a pic with him. 

It has been a long few days for Maggie and I think she was exhausted and very happy to be heading home.

The drive home was much better than the drive there. The traffic was better and the husband was driving. I miss my home state of Wyoming for many reasons, but there are times when Colorado is just as good. 

Beautiful, no?

The point is I could have let my son go get my husband and daughter, and stayed home with the other kids getting another day of school work done and some cleaning and writing more blogs, and stalking facebook... but I decided to throw the schedule out the window just for today. And occasionally, that is what you have to do on your journey.  I got to scream at some dumb drivers, surprise my husband, watch my daughter compete, see a legend in the sport AND watch him make a wonderful example of a young woman who did something AWESOME even though it cost her a championship, see some beautiful scenery, and just make some memories.