Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Work It Out Wednesday


On my facebook, a question loomed. "Can one BECOME a morning person?"

Yes, yes one can become a morning person. I did. And I answered. I think it depends on why you are NOT a morning person. I was not a morning person. I loved my bed. I wanted nothing more than to stay in my bed forever. I took naps in the afternoon, I slept till 8 or 9 am (not cool for a homeschooling momma) and I had to force myself to get up even then. And two pots of coffee a day was not enough.

I knew I needed supplements, so I got prescription prenatals, took extra iron, took extra vitamin B's and K's and D's and L,M,N,O,P's... ok not really those last 5. I took aLOT of vitamins. Still I would fall asleep even at my computer. Let's face it, I was not a morning person, I was not a late morning person, I was not even a night owl. I did finally find some good supplements that took care of it. They absorb, which apparently the others were not, they made my blood work look different (better) which indicated to me that they really were absorbing, I had energy. AND now I am a morning person.

  • Shameless advertisement here: My new supplements? Thrive by Le-Vel Yes, it is direct sales. No, that is not why I got into it. Yes, I actually get mine free. No, it's not hard. And finally: Yes, I make a nice little profit for myself doing it. (That covers the FAQ's I get about this.) 

Now, I wake up, usually before my 5:30 alarm, but even when I hear the alarm I get up. I don't hit snooze. AND I work out. Treadmill was my go to, now I do a dance workout as well. Yesterday I did both. YEIKS... which led me to this morning. My not so morning person had a discussion with my morning person.

"I don't want to work out." "Suck it up buttercup." "But my legs hurt.""Suck it up buttercup.""But my shoulders are tense." "Suck it up buttercup." And after ignoring myself looking at me with "that look"... "Ok geez sucking it up..." I might die, but I am going to work out... Is it really possible to hate your morning self? Yes, yes it is. LOL

Every day is a new day, not every morning can be all sunshine and roses. What matters is how we face the mornings that are not all sunshine and roses. I'm still learning. 48 years old and you'd think I would have it all figured out. Not so much. Well, I did work out. I did the whole workout. My daughter joined me this morning. I encouraged her to come back tomorrow morning. She's about as coordinated as I am so the dance workout looked a little like monkeys playing this morning but we did it. I had fun. Glad I talked myself into it. Just after the workout I posted this.

Oh My Goodness! Anyone who has ever done Cize might get this but today every time ShaunT said "trip it up" I replied with a sinister "I'd like to trip you up buddy."

However, today I nailed the box step. 

  • Important note: Yes, I realize that Cize is usually associated with Beach Body. No, I don't do Beach Body nor have I ever done it. I just got the disks after asking on Facebook from a friend who didn't like them. It looked like fun to me so I started using them. And my uncoordinated, non-fit self really does like it. 

Not bad for a formally, seriously NON-morning person, I think. Working it out means so much more than just going through the movements. Working it out means that you have to workout your whole attitude.
I do thank God every single day that I found Thrive. It has changed my life. Am I the fittest person in the world, NOPE. I am feeling 100 times better than I did before though and am at least working on the fit part. That is a place I never thought I'd be a couple years ago.

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