Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Thirsting Thursday... I think thirst is a good thing to focus on for Thursday. What do you thnk? 

We thirst for many things throughout our lives. I have been focused on water in recent days as it has become something I crave. It didn't use to be so. Exercise requires hydration if you are doing it right.

And I am thankful for my thirst of water. It is much easier to get it down when you actually WANT it as opposed to just knowing it would be good for you.

Which leads me to another thirst I have acquired: a thirst for gratitude and I have discovered that to be grateful, it helps to notice some of the things we might miss on a daily basis. 

Thanking God For

Today I am thanking God for His encouragement. I have been disheartened with some things recently but a verse caught my eye and reminded me that He is here, with us, no matter what. 

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will be established.

That should be in all of our hearts as we go through this political season. 


I have a lot of people in my prayers, but there are a few who are weighing on my heart these days.
MRL - She's near due with a wonderful new blessing, she's working hard to prepare everything, and the end of a pregnancy is always hard. On top of that she's been very ill throughout her pregnancy with HG. It's horrible. She's ready. Baby not so much. So I'm praying hard for her to get through this last bit with less illness, peace of mind, and patience.

NG and family - They have adopted two children. One of which seems to be adjusting well, the other not as easily. It's hard to watch. It's harder to live, of this I am sure. To be so elated to finally have everything go through and then the crash of reality when things don't go smoothly.

BD and family - Baby was born recently with some health issues. He seems to be doing better, and everything looks promising. I just remember the early days with one of my own when the NICU was our reality and even when we got home things were a bit scary.

Many others of course, if you'd join me in prayer for these I would appreciate it.

Listening to

I love this version of this song. It's a near obsession with me lately. Enjoy. 

Around The House

This boy. not around the house near enough. He talks my ear off when he is. He's learning so much, training to be a fireman. Busy with school and life and sleep. Still here to be under our wing, old enough to start spreading his own wings. Still tonight, around the house, he was kind enough to help me out with the dishes... while talking my ear off. Which makes my heart smile. I reminded him that when he does get done with school, gets a job and goes away that I will expect him to come home for dinner occasionally. No. That was the answer I got. Followed by a smile. 2nd in line of 6. This one is no easier than the 1st to let go. I assume it just doesn't get easier.

There is a comment sectiong below. Use it to tell me what you are thirsting for or grateful for or both.  I'd like to hear from some of my readers, there are a few of you. 

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