Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The muck, personal responsibility and opportunity costs

Apparently, based on one email I received from my blog, I am supposed to use this next post as an apology.  It would seem I am wasting every one’s time.

For this, I humbly apologize.

Sort of.

You see, I am a firm believer in personal responsibility and also in an economic term called opportunity cost.

Personal responsibility happens when you accept the consequences of your own actions despite what happened before or who else was involved.

Opportunity cost is what you pay for every single thing you do. If you choose to take a nap, you don’t get the housework done. If you choose to spend your money on junk food, you don’t have enough for a nice dress. See? EVERY THING you do has an opportunity cost.

I apologize you were not taught these things.  I put this blog here, you can choose to read it or not. If you choose to read it the cost might be your time. If you choose to NOT read it, you might miss out on something that makes you smile or a bit of info that can help in your life.

There you go, two lessons. Did you learn anything from it? Yes? Yippee, it seems I might not have wasted your time. No? Well you have another choice. Keep reading, or go away now. The opportunity costs will be the same as when you started.

Moving on…

And true to my title...

These two lessons have been key in my journey. It would be so easy to put blame for things that have happened to me in my life on someone else. Frankly, that would be a lot easier than to admit I have, on occasion, been a butt head.

It is true that we can not help where we came from, we can't always help how others treat us, we also can not always help the situations we find ourselves surrounded by. WE CAN control the way we react to those things and the lessons we take away from them. OUCH! That is a hard lesson to learn. Especially, if you have gotten to be a grown adult and still have not learned this.

Opportunity costs are another lesson hard to take sometimes. Oh how wonderful it is when you are an adult and the world is at your feet and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want... until reality sets in and you realize that if you really do live your life that way the costs can be severe and unpleasant. Of course, if you WANT to get up most days and head to work (at home or out of the home) and skip the beach trips with your friends etc... then this won't make much sense, don't worry, now that you know what to look for, you will see examples of opportunity cost everywhere. And kudos to you for having joy in your work ethic.

I am finding my  "happy place" - that place in my life where I am satisfied and joyful, and in awe of things I use to take for granted. I'm trying to share that here, even while trudging through the muck at times, because sometimes it is helpful to hear it DURING the muck, rather than after someone is already laying on the shore in the sunshine.

I can really see the sunshine most days, but occasionally you will find me swimming in the muck still. We can get through this together. If you need to read from someone who has made it fully out of the muck - go find it there are blogs galore full of those kinds of people. I'm happy for them, I'm glad they are there. I just am not totally there... YET! 

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