Friday, March 18, 2016

Surprise... Five Minute Friday

March 17, 2016
   This was not exactly a surprise, but snow always feels like a surprise to some degree. Even when you expect it. 

Other surprises this week included:
*Learning how easily I am surprised by things that should not be surprising.
*A stomach bug.
*A new product. One I think I'm really really going to like. Hydrolized Collegen Protien. FORM and it reportedly tastes like candy. YUM. Love this inovative company.
*A list of car repairs. Took the big white monster to the shop for an oil change... they found more.
*As always I am surprised by how God works in my life. Again, it shouldn't be a surprise. But it just is. Keeps life intersting though.
*Surprised by the butterflies that still hit my stomach when my husband sneaks up behind me just to tell me he loves me.

Life is AWEsome. Surprises can be incredible. There is always a mix of the good and the bad. How are you going to handle them?  It's no surprise to me that I don't handle the bad surprises very well. But I think I might be getting better. I talk to myself a lot. Now I just gotta work on either
A. not talking to myself outloud or
B. not talking to myself in front of the kids because (again, no surprise) they go blabbing about my frustration to people I didn't really intend to hear my frustration. Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system though.

And being a homeschool mom has one big advantage (according to Facebook anyway) talking to ourselves is not a sign of insanity - it's a parent teacher conference. Whew... bullet dodged.

What surprised you this week?

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  1. Sorry about all of your "surprises!" We had the "surprise" stomach bug just this morning! Nothing like it! I'm your neighbor at FMF! Happy Friday!

  2. Funny! I love this... .and we have had similar surprises this week. We didn't have the stomach bug but we all got hit with sickness... not fun!
    Also, I'm a fellow homeschooling mom and I often have parent/teacher conferences! :) Happy to connect with you today! Happy Friday to you!

  3. SURPRISE! Snow is always a surprise here in Texas. Didn't see a snowflake this year. Sorry about the bugs because that's a bad surprise. I love your hubby sneaking up behind you. Precious moments. Visiting from FMF