Saturday, March 26, 2016

Product Review by the Kidlets: Color Mist

Yup that's it, the bottle that others have somehow used to turn Oreos into gold coins and other some such.
I thought that sounded easy and fascinating and fun.

"Oh, what's that?" asked with anticipation.
"That's gold paint." answered an older and wiser kidlet.
"No", I answer "that would be frosting paint." I do have a 5 yr old kidlet, frosting paint works.
ohhhs and ahhhs ensued as I struggled to get the top off.
Oreos came out, frosting paint went came out, spraying ensued.
"Yuck, what is that?" as the older kidlet walks in.
"Frosting paint!" exclaims the youngest kidlet excited with her new knowledge.
"Grose, that stinks!" In unison
"Can I taste one?" asks the boy who would eat goldfish live if I let him.
"That is NOT gold." says the girl with the disgusted look on her face.
"Maybe it needs another coat. Let's let it dry and try again. Open a window."  I'm trying to stay positive but really this was not looking like a great idea.
As we waited we referred to the yellowish stuff we just put on our Oreos and wondered if it really could be any worse for us than the chocloate wafer with sugar laden lard and since it probably wasn't we continued.
Another coat of frosting paint.
Nope, still not gold. However, the kidlets still insisted on a taste test. Despite the smell, despite the nasty color.
"Ugggg that is nasty? it tastes like paint!" From the youngest kidlet.
"I don't think I will eat that." says the one who does not ever wish to hurt someones feelings.
Gulp. As the goldfish eating boy stuffs the whole thing in his mouth.
Spit, sputter, spit.
"That IS nasty! and it doesn't even look good"
"Are you going to try mom?"
"Um, no, I can still taste it from the smell."
In pops the older boy, not having seen the rest of it.
"What's this?"
"Frosting paint! Nasty frosting paint!" From the youngest kidlet who is obviously expanding on her new knowledge.
"Can I spray it on my finger?" Says the adventurous stubborn boy.
"Sure, you won't like it." Says the wise mom, who has learned from the last several minutes.
Spray, pops finger in mouth.
"Oh My God, that burns, and it smells like paint, and it tastes nasty! What were you thinking? That is just paint!" picks up the can to read it just sure that this was some kind of diabolical plot to prank him.
Giggles and laughter from the younger kidlets who all learned those lessons with mom.
A horrified look on the boy's face as he realized this was not a joke, this was not paint, it was indeed meant for ingestion.
"That can not be good for you." Puts down the can.

So there it is the product review from the kidlets of Wilton Gold color mist shimmering food color spray.

And it lead to a question that has pretty much plagued me throughout my life.
Do people really INTEND to make cake (and other treats) that look good enough to eat but really aren't? Or do people really think products like shimmering food color spray, really taste good?

What do you think? Did we just use it all wrong?

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