Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I WILL have this LIFE thing figured out by 50, right?

 So, in my effort to be more organized, be more real, get more deliberate, and live a worthy life I have learned a few things. The mission statement from yesterday, for example, I have tried that before and never been so happy with the results. As stated, it's not perfect, but I can see a theme coming through. Faith. I'm trying to grow in my life with faith, and my role as Child of God, as the first focus.

But after nearly 50 years, I am also aware of the fact that change is hard. New habits are hard to make, bad habits are hard to break. One thing I know is that baby steps are necessary. I have made a good start by getting more healthy. I was horribly out of whack a while ago. I was taking lots of supplements, even prescription supplements, but they were not enough. Now, I know it is because they were not absorbing. Secondly, there were not enough, even though it seemed as if I were choking down a whole pharmacy.

A friend introduced me to Thrive by Le-Vel. Day 1'er they call me, because that is the day I felt it. Instant gratification that just got better and better as time went on.

So now my body is getting the nutrients it needs, in two little capsules, one lifestyle mix, and a DFT (patch) all first thing in the morning. :)

Next was getting off my butt. I'd been pretty stagnant. Well, when you fall asleep at the drop of a hat, that tends to happen. Treadmill, added to some normal everyday living and BAM... weight loss and energy and feeling like a real person.

I have since added more exercise, better eating habits, and now am starting to organize other aspects of my life. Oh it's going to be hard. But as I stated I've begun by getting my faith and God where they belong, as my focus, go to, and first thought.

Ok, sometimes it's a second thought because I am a stubborn child of God.

So as to my title. Do we ever really figure it all out? Maybe that is the fun of it. Maybe even the purpose of it all.


  1. I can see where your coming from, it is very hard to change any type of habit. I like yor format, and I think by the time anybody figures it all out their to old to do anything about it...:D

  2. I've just hit 45 and am constantly asking myself this question! You seem to have found the path for you and that's a major step. Congratulations!