Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning with Five Minute Friday

I wake up earlier in the morning than I use to. It feels good. I don't dread getting out of bed in the morning and I am ready to go to bed at a reasonable bedtime. It's a different life then a few years ago.

Yesterday morning I got up and took a look at the photo a day prompt I've been wanting to get started with and it was peek-a-boo. I thought "what the heck am I going to do with that?" So I set off to do several different photos that would relate to peek-a-boo and hated each one. But then...

My kids have the best timing. First Jake decides he needs to distract me and taps on the window by my desk. SNAP.  Then I go to tell Maggie something and realize she's reading in the light of her window. She caught me, but I still snapped the pic through the crack of her door.

Morning. It's a new beginning each day, when we come from the darkness and light finds it's way over us. Yesterday it was also a good analogy for how my brain was working. I was fumbling around in the darkness of a set thought process and when I least expected it a new thought process washed away the darkness of the old like sunshine bringing in a new day.

So often we are blind to the new thought process, closed to it, but it's there and we can sense it, but to get the full effect we just have to open our eyes be open to it.

Good morning. Make a change. Be open to it. Feel the warmth of the new attitude and then open your eyes and embrace it for all it's worth. Give yourself permission to come out of the dark. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Forget

Five Minute Friday gives me a prompt word and instructions to just write for five minutes on the word.

Forget, is my middle name. Although I have not gotten much better about this I have started using the tools available to me to help the situation.
Google calendar, with tasks and events.
and my favorite this year my bullet journal.

Some things we want to forget, and can't.
The death of a loved one.
Mistakes we've made that hurt the people we want least in this world to hurt.
Embarrassing mistakes, slips of the tongue that turned out to be the exact opposite of what you meant
or were taken he wrong way.

Some things we never want to forget, but find them fading as we live our lives.
All the firsts.
Words of loved ones gone.

The brain is an amazing thing, if we could unravel the mystery and just put things into those slots and have it be that easy it would be great.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

John 3:16

Ash Wednesday... this pretty much says it all. This is what our priest told us to use to "explain" our ashes when people asked. It's awesome.
Praying the 40 Promises of the Cross Day 1 John 3:16

So today I messed up at mass. I felt horrible. It wasn't something I DID really, but an accident that happened. I cried. Today, the day of Ash Wednesday. I was so happy to BE present at mass... and then... well I won't go into it. There are many things that we do when we go to church that we might think better of later. Still, when I got home and sat down to read my very first promise... and then this. So, I was feeling lower than low. God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life after so much suffering we can't really even imagine. One of the most thought provoking memes on the subject:

I grabbed this off a facebook post. I have no idea who it belongs to. If you do, let me know, I will give proper credit. 

Seriously... think of that next time you try and excuse ANYTHING you do that you KNOW is wrong.

But then I remembered that this year is the Year of Mercy in the Church and instead of beating up on myself for making a mistake I will show a little mercy to myself. God has promised that we are worthy of His sacrifice, that is the promise of this verse - I think. Of course, that does not mean I am excused from confessing as well, but I can't be horrible to myself about it either. In the words of my dear husband "this too shall pass."  I can use this as a lesson to have a little more mercy towards others as well, because no matter how it looks, we are human and we make mistakes.

I think that counts as successful for day 1. What do you think about the promise for today?

Lent 2016

So I have a couple of things up my sleeve for Lent. Today we are headed to church, bright and early, to get our ashes. I was reminded early about fasting today, this is one area we forget frequently until we wake up  and realize - oops we've eaten breakfast.

I connected with a webiste for praying a specific set of prayers for 40 days.  Arabahjoy and Praying the Promises of the Cross. 

I'm super excited about this because I have seen the power of Lectio Divina and I believe this challenge will fit in nicely, but also FOCUS this prayerful meditation for me.

The other activity I have involves the kids, because I want them to have something which keeps prayer and lenten activities on their brain daily, but also have fun with them. I have a book from years ago called Family Faith Walks. (affiliate link)

I will be going through the February and March activities, tweaking them and we will use our advent tree to keep track of what we are doing by hanging ornaments to keep track of our progress.

Have a blessed and rich lent everyone! And tell me what you are doing for lent in the comments.