Saturday, January 16, 2016

Time in a bottle. Thyme in a bottle. Too Little, Too Late. Time

So how ironic is it that I re-find the Five Minute Friday thing and the first prompt back is time?
And it's Five Minute FRIDAY... but it's Saturday... but it's really early Saturday (like 5:30 am early) so it still counts as Friday right?
So TIME...
Time to rethink how you want your year to go has come and gone. It's the middle of January for crying out loud. Right? Wrong.
Thyme, because when the new year comes 'round I usually try to find some new recipes to add to our daily dish. Found a few. My crockpot will be my best friend I think. If I can remember to turn it on.

It's never too late to rethink your year, month, week, day. If it's not going well, or if you'd like to see how good can be better, you just stop. Take a look around. Count to 10 or 100 depending on the day and get a fresh start.  Easier said than done. It takes time. Time to restructure your brain into doing this before you go full on crazy. Time to actually do it.  BUT, in the end, it will save you time, because full on crazy takes a lot of time to come back from. Believe me. I know.

5 minutes 3 seconds... no pic gotta go.

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