Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Speak Kind Words, Thankful it's Thrusday

Speak kind words... always.
I'm not the first to point this out, nor will I be the last I am 100% sure of this. Today a few stories I saw put this on my mind.

A young woman goes into a store. She's pregnant, very pregnant. She has no other children with her (I'd hate to hear what would have happened if she had) and the cashier is rude. Just plain rude.

I'm sure she thought she was being cute with her "nothing on tv that night?" question, and her follow-up "you couldn't just read a book instead?" But what she didn't know is that the young woman standing in front of her went through so much just to GET pregnant, she didn't really need to hear all this. And was the cashier just trying to be mean? Probably not, but nothing in her words was KIND either.

The cashier could have said any number of things to this young woman that would have been KIND, and without being false to her own beliefs as well. I mean if she was one of the people on the planet who believe no one should have kids. She could have simply wished the young woman to have a nice day.

We (me included) really need to watch how we speak to others. Not every topic is up for grabs. Seriously, the cashier basically asked the woman if she had sex that particular night because there was nothing better on tv, or if reading a book would have been a better choice than to have sex. Now when you put it like that, you can see how this might be a little too personal, but then add to that the fact that her and her husband have had to go through medical proceedures to help them conceive ... too much.

Coming from me, kind of the queen of "suck it up buttercup", this might seem out of place.  YES! we tend to get a little to "hurt" over silly things, on the other hand, would it kill us to just think before we speak sometimes?

Another story that came along was one where someone did something really small, almost insignificant for someone else and it literally MADE the second persons day. We never really know what someones day/week/year has been like so saying "you have a beautiful smile" or "that blouse looks really good on you" or again, "have a wonderful day" might just turn someones day from bad to good.

Those who are kind reward themselves, but the cruel do themselves harm.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Present: Five Minute Friday


My present is so different than it was just a few years ago.  I'm sure yours is too. Its the path we are on. All of us. We are on the same path you know, with a few sidesteps that make us different. We are born, we live, we die. That path is certain. We can expand that as well, it's not quite as simple as that. We are born, we are educated, we take in our surroundings, we are loved, we love, we make decidions on what to do with our lives, we share, we grow, we die. See?

So all that stuff in the middle, that's the good stuff. That is the stuff we have control over, the stuff we can change. But we are always IN our present. Right in the middle. And we contemplate our choices, how's it going? how's that working out for us? What can we change? What do we keep the same?

The present is just another fork to a couple more sidesteps on this place we call home. Where will your next side step take you? Mine is gonna be awesome! Because I say so. Because I believe. In my present this is my moto: 

Check out Five Minute Friday prompt, consider joining in. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sat for Saturday: Getting Things In Order

It's January 16th, and in a new year, I do try and get things in order some. This year, it snuck up on me. I don't know how exactly, the calendar has been right here.

I lied, I do know how. Family visiting, getting back into school, business... life. A life I love. Busy.

First things first, I had some things on my "to do" list and I was not getting them done. Today was the day I decided to map out a plan and get with it.

But first, I had to get this done by Tuesday.  
Adoration bag for Miss E. contains' Children's Bible.,Picture Book of Saints, Her "very special" rosary, Mystery Cards, (printed from a website I have to find and share), and some prayer cards. We might add some coloring pages appropriate for adoration and some crayons as well. 

 It's an adoration bag. I've had a hard time fulfilling my adoration time because of the same lack of a plan I've had for a while now. I have tried to print planners, and buy planners (for cheap because I knew it was almost a lost cause) and the digital planners... all helped some, but none were perfect.

Anyway, back to the adoration bag. It's not for me. I have my own adoration items in order. This bag was for this little monkey.

Miss E. age 5 "and a half, geez mom!" 

She is stuck at "that age" in our family. The one where she isn't quite old enough to go with dad and the big kids on Tuesday nights, and not quite old enough to sit still in adoration with me for a whole hour without a plan. We will see how the bag works out, but she is excited. 

Nice distraction huh? But then I really needed to get down to the nitty gritty. My map, or plan. I ran into a neat pinterest board that was chock full of these things called bullet journals. They promised; simplicity, paper and pen, flexibility, and the perfect thing for brains that don't get along with just about everything else. ME! So I'm sharing my first few pages of my bullet journal. 

Key. It should be titled, my writing should be neater, but *I* know what it means so I guess we're good. 
I skipped the Index page... it's an organized mess too. 

Month view. Scheduled, repeated, important things to remember go on the days. And a task list added for good measure. 

This is my "big picture" for the year.
My "big picture" page should have come before the "month" page BUT that is the beauty of the bullet journal, I have an index page and can always find it. Really simple, really short, really stunted. Mine. 

Day 1
Ha ha, good luck making sense out of this. Again, it's mine. I understand it, no one else really needs to.  I love the little lightning bolt post-its I found. And since putting anything new in this brain usually takes a little "jolt" I decided to use those for the "learn something new everyday" piece. No, I'm not a grandma yet, but someone shared a "names of grandma" post on facebook and I decided to look and see what a couple of the grandma names of my family would be. English was grandma or gran - not "different" so I didn't learn that. I did, however, learn these. It was quick, it was not a huge piece of info... but it's there.

Some other bits. My business 3's are listed, The daily one will be written daily on each page but the weekly one is on a post it that can be moved as the week moves on.

Other lessons learned in the first few pages:
Don't use a sharpie. You can see the bleed through in a couple spots.
Stickers can cover some really ugly spots.
Pencil might be my friend... but it smudges, so I'm not sure I want to go that far.
I like it. And it seems to be flexible enough to hold my WHOLE life, not just school, or business, or kids... whatever. And time will be the true test but it really didn't take that long and I like it.

These things and so much more was accomplished today. I like the new year. Even if half the first month is gone.

Links for info: Bullet Journal
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Time in a bottle. Thyme in a bottle. Too Little, Too Late. Time

So how ironic is it that I re-find the Five Minute Friday thing and the first prompt back is time?
And it's Five Minute FRIDAY... but it's Saturday... but it's really early Saturday (like 5:30 am early) so it still counts as Friday right?
So TIME...
Time to rethink how you want your year to go has come and gone. It's the middle of January for crying out loud. Right? Wrong.
Thyme, because when the new year comes 'round I usually try to find some new recipes to add to our daily dish. Found a few. My crockpot will be my best friend I think. If I can remember to turn it on.

It's never too late to rethink your year, month, week, day. If it's not going well, or if you'd like to see how good can be better, you just stop. Take a look around. Count to 10 or 100 depending on the day and get a fresh start.  Easier said than done. It takes time. Time to restructure your brain into doing this before you go full on crazy. Time to actually do it.  BUT, in the end, it will save you time, because full on crazy takes a lot of time to come back from. Believe me. I know.

5 minutes 3 seconds... no pic gotta go.