Monday, November 9, 2015

So Much...

So much for writing every day in November. Busy lives. Kids. New adventures.

So much joy. 
So much ambition. 
So much desire.
So much stress. Gotta take the bad with the good.

So much (many) wants. 
So much energy. Thrive by Le-Vel rocks.
So much pain. Separated ribs hurt. A lot.
So much going on in the brain. Then shut down.

So much laughter. Little boys. Church. *Snort*. Ooops. So much to be thankful for. Busy lives. Kids. New adventures.

That was my week in a nutshell.
I missed a few days of writing, but I did quite a bit of living instead so I will accept that. It gives me great joy to do some of the things I have been doing this week. But each thing added has to take time away from something.
Biblical School is so fulfilling, and I love the people I am with there.
Religious Education for the kids, on the other hand, has brought some stress.
The things we are doing at home for RE are wonderful, I think I am seeing progress. Even Emma is starting to memorize the things Jesse and Jake need for their sacraments. Sometimes to my surprise even. She is hearing all that we do.
Watching littles in church gives me so much joy! But this week, maybe a little too much joy. I laughed, I hurt my rib, I tried to suck in my breath slowly and deeply, and the little boy in front of us chose THAT moment to slap his newly bared foot on the pew in front of us... deadly combination... I snorted... in church... God help me and all those around me who were scoffing at me or scolding me silently. Yes, I need more self control. On the other hand little boys are so cute and wiggly and come up with some of the darnedest things to be proud of.
I am trying out a new system to curb my "wants" into manageable lists and ways to find out if it's really something I should spend money on OR if I'm wasting... Managing money. UGG!
A new adventure. 33 Days to Morning Glory. Just WOW! I will have to renew this "retreat" several times before I fully understand it.

So, there you have it the good the bad and the ugly of why I have not written in a while. This one will make me smile every time I read it again. And really, THIS is why I write. To remember. To have something to come back to.

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