Saturday, November 21, 2015

Names of God Advent Ornaments

It started with a single sentence said somewhat as a side note in my Catholic Biblical Studies class. We were discussing Exodus where God reveals his name to Moses. I AM. And the side thing was that to study the names of God is something everyone should do. I put a note in the side margin. Looked it up.
32 names of God. 73 names of God. 108 names of God. WHAT? Yup there are lists out there with the names of God. I had no idea. The most complete list I found used a King James Version of the bible, so I decided to look and see if the names matched what was in my Catholic version of the bible and for the most part - they did.

Off I went, finding names with verses to show where those names were revealed, and did the math... this year for Advent if I took all 108  names I could divide them into 4 names per day 27 days PERFECT! Then I realized that some years we have 29 days of advent. I searched, and of course I found 8 more names.

No matter what year it is we have an ornament with 4 names in it to study on each day of Advent then hang it.  Ahhhh. Done. Right? Of course not! As I searched for the names of God revealed I found something else there are many many verses that also command us to praise this name or that name or any name. And also verses that show us HOW to praise the name of God.
On each day we also have a verse to ponder on the importance for us to KNOW God. And if I have learned nothing in the first book and a little of the bible, I have learned that names are very significant and to know someones name is to have a deeper relationship with them.

Of course I want to know Gods names. All of them. And I want my children to know them. So this is what I came up with.  The list is probably not complete. However for our purposes it is sufficient.

What started as a simple statement ended up with 118 Names of God in beautiful ornaments and a booklet to make it all easy as can be to grab and study each day. God is so good!

I'm not a professional, I'm a homeschooling, stay at home mom fumbling through this. It was suggested that I sell this project. I declined. A kind-hearted fellow mom wanted to give me something in return anyway. She was right, it took time and effort, regardless of the reasons. I do not have the time at this point to set up a "shop" for things like this.

Here was my compromise. I have a paypal account ( If you feel lead to compensate me for your use of this material, God bless you. I will use the funds to make up hard copies and kits for next year. 

If you are struggling as it is and would like to use the files I have provided, God bless you too. I ask that you share my blog post here if others ask you "where'd you get that?", instead of just sharing the files person to person. Fair enough?

As far as the files go... this was what I learned about embedding - it's not just "zip zip" and you're done. If anyone has a suggestion to make this easier/better I'm ready to learn. Advent is just a few days away. YEIKS!  BTW, I got the plastic ornaments for this project at Michaels, on sale for about .49 each. Glass, does not do well in my crazy home and they look beautiful. win win.

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