Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finding ~Me~

Over a year! Goodness. So much has happened but I'll summarize:

*Kidd graduated, Kidd got married, Kidd and new bride moved to OK.

*GI Joe was turned down by the Army (food allergies - they suck, the Army (in this case) AND food allergies. But he found his calling and he graduated, started at Fire Academy, volunteers at the Fire department and is doing some pretty awesome things.

*I started "Thriving". No I don't mean just the general type of thriving but Thriving by Le-Vel and just WOW! Nutrition in, junk out, weight dropping, no more back aches and discomforts, no more needing naps all the time, no more sleeping at my keyboard. I feel like I'm human again. oh and 40lbs gone... Yes, I am thriving and THRIVING!

  *Because I am Thriving I am moving, I can think more clearly, I am happier, I have been camping with hubby, drove to OK to see the kids, and I started Catholic Biblical Collage! 4 years of studying Gods Word and my faith.

*I feel like I can start blogging again. If for no other reason then to share stories with my family and friends and I am really really going to focus on being an encouragement to others.  It won't be organized, or packaged sweetly, but it will be honest, hopefully funny, as I said encouraging, a little enlightening, sharing and most of all FUN!

There is the summary - doesn't seem like much right there on the screen like that but believe me... It has been incredible! What a journey in a year. God has blessed us abundantly.

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