Sunday, October 11, 2015

Always Look Up

 Always Look Up... it's hard. Every time we look up something pulls us back.
"Mom, can I go to my friends?"
"Oh, look at the messy house."
"Boy a night out sounds good."
So then we try to find "up" in the little things. And that's good too. Because the person calling
"Mom" is just chock full of "up".
But the thing is we were never promised that we'd find perfection in this life.
So we keep trying.
I am learning more, and using my creative side to work it all out. I started a journal.

 We started in Genesis in our class. The first bible verses are the ones we are supposed to be memorizing. Which kind of takes away from what some would say is perfect in journaling but then we've already discussed that concept - perfect... it just does not "fit" in real life. 

As usual, I wondered, can I possibly make more work for myself? And of course the answer is always YES. I do feel justified though, after all the changes I've made have added to my happiness, helped my understanding of Gods Word, and have given me a multitude of ideas on how to pass it all on to the kids.

I'm all for using what we already have, thus, I found a recipe box that was just holding some cards and not much more and decided it would do nicely. I've seen this idea on a few different blogs and wanted to give it a try, what I was waiting for was the money to do it all pretty and fancy like the ones I saw. Yeah, I have 5 kids still at home, 2 of which are teens. Money, fancy, pretty... they seemed less important then becoming the person God would like me to me. SO... the ugly metal box, a crucifix glued on, some sharpies and some file tabs cut out of old larger file folders became my new prayer box.

JMJ - for those of you unfamiliar stands for Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Who better to put right on the front? The Holy family, to help me focus on making my family a little more Holy. 

Daily, AM, PM, Intentions, Odd, Even, Weekly, and numbered tabs for Monthly.  The numbered tabs will be mostly used for memory work for the kids and I.

First card in there ties with my theme of the Holy Family. Thank you Pope Frances!

I don't know why but flat spots for the rosary beads just didn't seem right. I used some Mod Podge dimensional magic to make them seem more like beads. This pic is while it was wet... The Mod Podge dried clear.

Other things I have already placed in the box - SO FAR:

The prayer to the Holy Family.
Prayer to end Abortion. 
A Homeschool mom's checklist, which includes a prayer for my family as a whole.

AM and PM:
Each of these holds the morning/evening prayer. Simple. 
Self explanatory. The requests from others I have come across or get from friends go here. 

Odd and Even
Memory work will go here.
Monday - Sunday:
I put one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit AND what it actually gives you. I went to a wonderful talk at our parish about the new order of the sacraments. I LOVE the new ordering, but it's a process, it took me a while to fully understand. While at the meeting we learned about the gifts and I'm so thankful I was open to listening because it just makes so much more sense that we give this to our kids at an earlier age. Putting those gifts and meanings in our prayer box will (hopefully) help solidify them in our lives.

Also, I put a card in on each day that will focus on one of my children and one on my husband. That way I can focus on each one of them specifically.

Numbered tabs:
A special card for holidays, or birthdays, etc. Memory work will go here as well. - When we get good at it.

Not to complicated. Fairly empty for now. Prayers will be added daily I'm sure. So many things we should memorize and really absorb. So much... and this system is really flexible, which is why I love it. We can use it for so many things.

Here are some other places to look for examples:
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  1. What a wonderful idea - so organized! Love your prayer box! it is pretty - and practical!