Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Brother, A Sister, and a Gun

Once upon a time there was a brother, who was a competitive rifle shooter.
The one in the middle there... that's him.
The brother had a beautiful .22 rifle. Yes, he's holding it here.
Then in the spirit of making it his, he painted it.
Black, and put some gold stickers on it too. ARMY of course.
But then he went to West Point. And the rifle was lonely.
So the brother gave it to the sister. See her? Isn't she a beauty? 
Like her brother, she is a competitive rifle shooter too.
And in the grand ol' tradition of making things "ours", she decided to add 
her signature color. Purple. On the grip.
Keeping the old, because she loves her brother, and the fact that he passed it down to her.
But also adding the new, to show her own style too.
And that is the story of why I have a picture of the girl, holding a purple block of wood on our fb pages.

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