Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spelling/Wrestling Same Thing Right?

Well apparently when you homeschool some classes meld together like it or not. And I can either go with it or keep fighting it... So here is the story. I had all the little kidlets at the tables doing their school. It was awesome, but we have been struggling with more demands made by me and more expectations made my dad and there have been moments of chaos.

Yesterday was such a day, first I had fought with the littles, then I got them working and fought with Miss Maggie, but finally got her on board too. All the while Mr. Joe was working and after everyone else was settled he came home. What is it about a new person  coming into the house that sets chaos off again? I was giving Miss Maggie a spelling test, Mr. Joe walked by and started poking at her ... and then this...


Yes Miss Emma is "helping" by giving Mr. Joe a little pinch on the neck. nice help. 

And while I don't really appreciate my kids acting like this, I assure you they were having fun. BUT we did have school work to complete so my blood pressure was rising. However, it was one of those moments when I just had to let it go.

Shortly after this dad came out and broke it up and got everyone back on track, in the meantime they had expended some energy, I had found my peace, and guess what? School still got done. So yes Spelling/Wrestling class happens occasionally as well as Writing/Singing when Miss Maggie feels like singing while she writes and then my favorite Math/Drumming class when Jake decides he has to do math to the beat of a pencil on the table.

Those days... those are the ones that drive me the most nuts, yet those are also the days when at the end I can lay down and Thank God that He led me down this path of homeschooling. We lack. We lack organization. We lack a solid schedule. And sometimes we lack skills but all of that can be made up for, what can't be made up for are the memories, the family time, the learning outside of academics. 

Tomorrow is another day, and we will continue...

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