Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gearing up for Lent

Yes, I said it, "gearing up", because I have to think about these things ahead of time or they get past me and I've done nothing. This Lenten season I am not even going to try the "giving up" of a favorite treat or facebook etc. instead I have decided make sure that the Kidlets understand Lent more fully and to "give up" one of my worst attitudes.

Let's start with Lent as a whole. I am overwhelmed already, there are days when I get the kids to bed early so that I can go to bed early. As a stay at home mom, I LOVE being at home with my Kidlets, but let's face it this is a full time job from which there is no "going home". We are always at work. When it comes to facing a big season like Lent or Advent I rely on other creative people for ideas, why reinvent the wheel when they are so generous as to share their hard work with us?

From Loyola Press I found these two:
I thought this a great overview for us. We will take it in bites with the littles:
Making Lent Simple But Not Easy

They also have a fantastic resource called 40 Ideas for 40 Days at Loyola Press. I love some of the suggestions and can easily bring this to life and I can make it as easy or difficult as I wish. I have in mind to use it as a guideline.

What I really want to focus on for this Lent is The Stations of the Cross. has a wonderful printable booklet for children to color. The page is complete with prayers and explanation.

And as if that is not full enough I also found this idea on getting the clutter out. 40 Bags in 40 Days I am in serious need of getting rid of clutter and finding spots for the things we keep. One bag a day and with a plan I choose, not a plan set by someone else for a household that is nothing like my own.

Now as far as the attitude that I'd like to rid myself of during this season:
It may surprise some of you to learn that I hate, yes HATE, doing dishes. We have a lot of people in this family and we have a lot of dishes, and while I ask the Kidlets to help me with them often it is still a job I despise. Well, if I am to believe that being a mom and wife is my vocation then one of two things has to happen. I have to decide to be happy about the job God has made me for and find joy or at least peace about doing those jobs OR I can go about my days with a reluctant and begrudging spirit. By the title of my blog you might guess that the second of the two choices is NOT what I would consider my first choice.

While I believe that the prayers we have learned and entrusted with are to be said in a thoughtful manner, I also realize that my days are full and hectic, so while I don't recommend this as the ONLY form of prayer today I did find a way to get my job done and also add to my prayer life. I have downloaded an app for my iphone called the Family Rosary.  I started the rosary and set out doing the dishes. Oddly enough I found that at the end of my stack of dishes I was not through with the rosary so I cleaned of the counters and wiped down the stove too just so I could finish the 5 decades.  What a blessing. Now if I could take the feeling I got from accomplishing that through the rest of the day. I will add that to my intention before saying the rosary next time...

This is my plan, I will update and share pictures as we go about it.

    Keep Love in Lent 2014

And for the record I have listed 5 links to which I am thankful for finding today. Still counting my gifts. :)  #196 - #201 


  1. I have truly enjoyed looking around on your blog. Thanks for the rosary app idea! Have a blessed Lent.

  2. Sounds like we are on the same page for Lent. I'm not giving up as much as I am trying to help my children learn to do Lent better. And I'm also trying to develop a better, more prayerful, attitude about the dishes and all the other things that infringe on MY time. Despite the fact that I think of myself as a devoted mother, I've realized that the busier life gets, the stingier I am with my time. I'm working on be resentful of those things (and people) I feel get in the way of doing what I want to do. Thanks for a great post.

  3. I love the domestic church website, as well as the 40 bags in 40 days idea. These are all giving me more "food for thought" in how I approach Lent. I can commiserate with you about getting the kids to bed early so you can go to bed early and dreading certain household chores. I, too, am a stay-at-home mom, so there are a lot of times I wish I could just have a few moments to myself without interruption. In our house, we also started the family rosary, as our oldest daughter is now 3 years old, and our infant daughter likes to sit in her bouncy seat and watch while the rest of us pray. It is one of those Sunday moments I like to capture in my memory, because it does seem to bring the "domestic church" home. :)