Monday, February 3, 2014

Yesterday, Today, Then THIS...

So yesterday started out with mass. Lovely - because it was Mass, funny - because a couple that we have watched (almost like stalkers lol) from a few pews away have this little boy, we've been a few pews away while they dated, married and started their family. And their little boy was such a joy to watch through Mass (I admit I might have missed part of the homily...) but he waved so furiously at Father from his daddy's arms, and he stuck his hands in the air and praised God during the hymns (no, not everyone in our church does that), and he made Deacon and Father giggle as they tried to keep a straight face while leaving the Alter. And he made me smile.  And then there were donuts and coffee.

Then... well lets just say the Broncos were not the only thing that ended up crashing... Long story, really but it lead to confrontation and words said that were not really meant, but said anyway, and anxiety and bad dreams. Not even time to be thankful that things that could have so much worse - weren't.

Today has been very difficult as a result as well, tired people, cranky momma - for lack of sleep and lack of things being settled... It has been a day on the verge of tears, on the verge of more things being said that would have made it all worse, and a day of YUCK! You know those kinds of days, well most people know those kinds of days anyway...

Then THIS...

And breathe, because although I never forget what I'm doing here, I do sometimes let the muck overtake me. Overwhelm me. And turn me into a monster.  So after this, at least for now, I'm just mush. But I can breathe again, and there will be more to count tomorrow. Today I will be grateful for #118, just one count, and it is that this came across my screen before I spent another restless, painful night aching to be able to breathe every good thing in.

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