Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - My Little Rosary Love

TBT Jesse-Anne  2008

There is this thing going around on Facebook and Blogs called Throw Back Thursday. It is very interesting to me to see so many pictures from others pasts, but I have decided to take it a step further and jot down my memory of the time, person, place etc. in the picture. Today this one caught my eye.

This is my little Jesse-Anne. She would gather any rosary she could find in the house and wear them all.
Jesse 2008

I had never seen a child gather them up like she did, and she loved to sit on my lap as I said the rosary too. She knew the Hail Mary sooner than any of my children. I remember the day we took these pictures. She had been bugging me all day because I had taken my rosaries away from her, the only one I had let her have was the plastic one. It was not good enough... she had to have them all. I had finally told her we would take some pictures but then I'd have to take them all back except the one. She agreed and we set out.

Jesse 2008

She was so excited to have them all but one picture was NOT going to be enough. So we took several pictures. At one time she finally stood still and her attitude had changed, of course I had missed it at exactly the right moment but then I caught just a glimpse of it.

Jesse 2008

When I asked her if she was ok, she said "yes" and then went on playing some more. I thought maybe she had stubbed her toe or something while she jumped around on and off the step. When we were done we got back in the house and she gave the rosaries except hers back to me. Pointing to each one "Mary's" and then grabbed hers saying "Jesse's". :)

She is my sweet quite girl who still (for the last 3 years or more) has told me she is going to grow up to be a nun. I believe she could very well stay to that path and I do pray that where ever she lands that she does so with a heart full of faith and love. She will do great things. I have no doubt.

January 2014


  1. Very cute! Thank you for sharing something so precious!

  2. Your pictures are adorable. I have a little one who has always been very spiritual in an extra special way. She also wants to be a nun! We always pray that she will follow God's will in her life, and if it's to be a nun that He will show her the way.