Saturday, February 1, 2014

Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Red

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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But first I have not blogged in a bit, I've been scanning old pictures. OH MY! Going back in time can give us such happy feelings, stabbing pain, that sappy nostalgic feeling... but I have kept track of my 3 gifts per day.

Jan 27 - Three Gifts From The Kitchen:
Chicken Enchiladas fresh from the oven and still bubbling.
Fresh Bread
Fruit on the counter ready to be eaten at any time.

Jan 28: I switched it up and blogged about this earlier. Five conversations had with my children. 101 - 105 Funny stuff.

Jan 29 - A song heard, A soft word, Light seen:
106: Shaina Twain You're still the one.
107: "I love you momma." Early on a cold morning.
108: Sunrise! They are always beautiful.

Jan 30 - 3 Old things seen new:
There are a ton of them waiting to be scanned, but here are three that struck me as special.

A younger self, but black and white always perfect.

A younger husband. Still handsome as ever today.

Years spend so close to this bear. I loved it.
Jan 31 - A gift on a paper, in a person, in a picture:
On a paper - Oh the back log of gifts, and journals I've gone through. I've had a good life. AND in reading, I know there is more to come.
In a person - I have seen someone struggle with a decision. The funny thing is the hard part is over. Still the easy stuff is that which he's fretting over. And in this I see the gift of being "over" the things of the younger.
In a picture: I have seen the young become older, have babies, grow up, loose people, work, live, and all in the pictures of the past. Which btw are also on paper. I'm changing this, and loving the little trip through the years.  

Feb 1 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Red
Once again I am going to be lazy, so many gifts today but three in particular were red so here they are.

  From years ago, 1988 to be exact, a photo taken for a Christmas card.  Santa on a motorcycle. Well, even he has to have hobbies. Fun before kids.
 Two little cheeky kids, laughing, playing, giggling, pinching cheeks. Her nickname is cheeks when she was little that is all we could see of her is cheeks. He's the older brother, the one that I sometimes call my challenge (at 10 all boys are really). What a treat that they were both wearing red today. Fun during kids.

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