Thursday, February 6, 2014

Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Found Outside

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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Joy Dare: 3 Gifts found outside -

Outside it's cold, not much of a gift in that, my bones hurt, my skin hurts, even my hair hurts... I know crazy... BUT when the snow falls new overnight and then the sun comes up in the morning there is a sparkle on the snow that we adults some times forget to look at. Not always, I have admired that sparkle on many occasions. I love that sparkle. On Sunday, I got to look at it all over again through new eyes. Emma was excited to point it out to us. #127

Outside you can find the gift of fresh air to breathe in a new attitude. Even the coldest air is good for this. Maybe even best because along with blowing all that bad attitude out and breathing the fresh attitude in, you can SEE the bad attitude leaving you. As the cold air is drawn in can feel the sting of the new better attitude, the air cleaning your lungs deep inside like a good antiseptic.#128

Truth be told I love the outside in the winter, despite my new found reason to hate it. I have always found comfort in the fact that you can put more layers on to stay warm. The summer is not so convenient. I love the fresh cover of new snow, I love the fresh air. It's beautiful. It reminds me of a lot of good fun I had in it when I was a kid. You'd think I would have known how to ski or something, but no... just tromping through the tall snow drifts and sliding down long hills on toboggans and riding snow mobiles till dark. #129

Thanks to the Babe in the Manger for this dare, for the snow, the cold, and the memories. Odd thought... Jesus never got to play in the snow as a child. I know what does it matter? But it crossed my mind.

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