Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year New Goals.

A New Year. New Goals. A Clean Slate...


Well not really. You have started your life and you have lived it - part of it anyway. You have a past. You do not have to dwell in it, but it is part of you. Still every year we fill our pages, computer screens, our hearts and minds with new ways to live our lives. We will lose weight, be nicer, be more, do more... sure we will. (enter slight eye roll here)

Slight because every year we do this. I have do this. And every year the resolutions/goals seem attainable yet, we get busy when we are no longer focused on  Christmas, New Years, and the Babe in the Manger. (Oh did she type that out loud?) Yes, I did. After all if we always focused on the Babe in the Manger we would never need new year resolutions or goals to improve our lives now would we?

So, what is the point of all of our resolutions and goals. Put it simply. Go ahead, I'll wait...

"To be better/ to do better." 

That is as simply as I can put it. What a boring resolution... to be better.

It's ok, we do it, then we all accomplish some. We fail some. We KNOW what to do to be better, putting it into action is so very difficult when we have babies to tend to, illnesses and pain to overcome, households to run - so we try to break it down into bite size pieces.

This year on FB I wrote this advise:
Keep in mind that the resolutions that are usually kept have some things in common.
1. They are specific. I will lose weight vs. I will lose 5 lbs.
2. Give them a time frame, if you think it will take all year, state that it will. BUT be careful...
3. Have a mix of short and long term goals.
4. Write them down, and keep them where you will see them. On a bathroom mirror in dry erase, or if you live in a house full of wiseacres like me somewhere not so in the open but still with YOU daily (like the cell you sometimes wonder why you have become so attached to).
5. It takes 21 days to change a bad habit for a good one.
6. Love yourself enough to know what will be a challenge and what will be a frustrating waste of time and a self esteem killer.
And finally (not to bad since I made this up, I thought it would be longer)
7. Love yourself BEFORE you work on the resolutions, don't go hatin' on yourself till you are "perfect". After all, if God the Father can love you (and I promise - better yet HE promises - that He really really does), the least you can do is love yourself.


And here are my resolutions, written the next day:
1. Kiss more sticky kids faces and less backsides.
No really, don't you sometimes find that you are nicer to people outside of your home? Yeah, well it's true that I don't get out much so this should be easy for me.
2. Drink two purple cups if water every day. I have this purple cup. I don't know how many oz it is. I don't even care, I use to drink several a day, now sometimes I don't drink one. So two will be an improvement.
3. Learn something from the kids, each one, this one will probably take a day to learn but the year to actually incorporate.
4. I promise NOT to make hubs pull another back muscle. (ouch! poor guy is hurting)
5. Less political stuff will go across my fb. (That one ought to make some of ya happy) I do not know how to make this one specific... but then I have not really done that well on any of them. LOL
6. Learn something new about my faith once a week. Learn something I didn't know before or find out the specifics of WHY we do something.

**with a couple of additions later in the day:
7. Oh how I love the edit feature on FB. Write everyday... write something on my blog or in a journal or write a piece of the thing I'm putting together of life with the kids.
8. Come up with an end goal, title, and final product for that think I'm putting together of life with the kids. Do this by End of Feb.

And I mean every word.

But really and truly if we wish to do better and be better we really only have one simple thing to do:
Keep our focus and our eye on the Babe in the Manger. Every moment of every day. Ask for His help. Thank Him for His blessings. He really does desire to give you all you need to be the perfect version of YOU, and the very best reflection of Him that you can be.

I will keep my resolution list, but before I read it and try my level best to accomplish the meager goals I have given myself, I will first and foremost each day put my focus on the Babe in the Manger and ask that God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to guide me and fill me with all the grace and strength I need to accomplish all He has formed me to do - to be. Can't get much better then that.


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