Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never a dull moment...

 Because in this house there is never a dull moment...


Maggie: "I'm going to do this (train for shooting) in the house every Monday."
Dad: "That'll drive mom crazy, but ok."
Me: "I'm already crazy."
Dad: "That's why I love ya babe."
Me: "It's probably why I love you too."


Maggie: "Joe go away and let me train or you are going to get a button buddy to the head."

Mom: "Please, for the Love of God Himself, would you stop hugging yourself."


Your guess: "Really, you couldn't just wait OUTSIDE the bathroom door, would YOU like an audience while you pee?"
Answer - so innocently "no, I would not like to have an audience and besides I have to poo, I don't think the audience would like that much."

Joe: "Do not unplug the x-box, the world will end in a huge explosion."
It was already unplugged and on my desk in the other room.

As I take Joe's phone: "Hey, I didn't throw that at you..."
as if that was the ONLY reason one would take a phone away from a 17 yr old boy.


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