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Joy Dare: Three Funnies You Overheard

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January 3 Joy Dare: Three funnies you overheard.

Yes ok, it was originally said three graces. Today was not a grace-full day here at the Oberle Learning Academy. Despite that there were some funnies recently uttered in the house so I shall share those instead.

    DD # 3 my three year old little Miss: "Mom, Santa sees me if I'm naughty."

     Me: "Yes, and when you are good, sleeping and awake."

     DD # 1My 13 year old girly tomboy: "That's kinda creepy. Santa is a creeper."

    Hubs "How old are the kids?"

    Me (with added uh's and um's) "23,17,13,10,7 and 3. Why?"

    Hubs "Holy cow all but one are prime numbers."
    Me "What would make you think of that?"
    Hubs "I just saw it."
    A friend asked me if the prime numbers were the hard years...
    Which would leave my 10 year old boy wild child as the easy one?

3. Preface: My Sister-in-Law sent us a ton of goodies for Christmas. They came at the perfect time because our other Christmas goodies were gone. (Can't have that now can we?)  Oh but she is very crafty with the goodies. Here is a sample of what she sent. Notice on the tray there are a couple of little chocolate mice with cherry stem tails?  Most of the cute little critters didn't quite make the trip through the postal service.

     Those that did make it met a different fate.

  Little Miss on the right says "mmmmmm mice are yummy!" Lord help us if she ever catches a real one...

Bonus Gift:
Today was a challenge - a little one. After posting about how I have found my happy place I became the butt of the cosmic comedy station... it happens... it keeps us humble I think. And although it  was a little difficult at moments I learned something important... well I was reminded of something important.

17 year old boys are motivated by pride. Prime example:  Call your boss right now, tell him you can't work on Monday and when he asks why you tell him it's because you are capable of getting out of bed at 6 am (on blustery cold days even) and get to work feeding horses, lifting heavy objects, putting up fence etc. but for the life of you - you can't get up off your computer and fold a basket of laundry when your mom asks for some help.  God blesses moms with boys who have pride. Really,  he is a good boy, but he's 17 and on school break. Lord knows that will occasionally call for some motivation..

And 13 year old girls are motivated by cool foot wear. Or at least foot wear that is not falling off your feet. Prime example: "Really, you want to get lazy on me or do you want those new shoes?"  Yup that is all it took She was up and helping in a flash. Her favorites, before they were falling off her feet.

Like I said girly (because shoes motivate) tomboy (because cammo rocks) girly because she replaced them with purple - (squeeeel!),  tomboy and a pocket knife.

God is good even when you are the butt of the cosmic comedy station. Thank you Father! And thanks as always to the Babe in the Manger who is really really helping me to focus - despite myself - on what is important. 

Dec 2012 Cuz it's the last time we got
everyone in a picture!

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