Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Joy Dare: A Gift Wrinkled, Smoothed,and Unfolded

A Holy Experience

Jan 22 Joy Dare: A gift wrinkled, smoothed, and unfolded.

# 82, 83, 84...

A mom with streaks of gray in her hair, gets out of bed more slowly this morning then some others. There has been an ongoing issue with pain and lately it has been making getting a good nights sleep very difficult. She can take more meds but so far she is not sure if the blah feeling the extra meds give her is any better than the pain. Teaching, cleaning, worrying about decisions not yet made... all of it takes a toll. But she counts her gifts, and she knows she is blessed. This morning as she looks in the mirror she sees the extra lines that have shown up on her face, the wrinkles that time place along they eyes and mouth. Her hands have more of the wrinkles than before as well. And she scoffs at the mirror with a wave of her hand as she moves along to begin her day more slowly then before.


Breakfast made and delivered, kids still in bed, they need to be shook awake, we really do have to keep school going, but momma just sits, it is a crazy morning and there is little to no motivation. Then the verse that has been on the cabinet for a few weeks now catches her eye and she knows this one, but it was a prompt she needed. Go read more... look to Him. The kids get a treat, they will sleep in just a bit today. Out comes the bible which she has carried around for several years. It's in very good shape, but it has lines and book marks. It has been used through the years. And as she flips through the she notices something, even the bible has a few wrinkles... some dog creases on some of the favorite pages. It isn't as if she has visited with this friend weekly or sometimes even monthly. But still the signs of age show up.

She unfolds a page that seems to be the most worn, and she begins to read the words that have clearly been underlined a couple of times...

Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.  Hebrews 2:18

His word unfolded and smoothed. And as she contemplates, taking another sip of her coffee, in the quiet morning, she thinks she understands. Give it to Him, ask for His help and trust. He suffered so much, and He did it willingly. I have to try harder.

She prays: Lord help her to get through the pain, help her to be happy in the chores that are assigned to her. Lord help open her eyes to see a clear path you place before her. Is this it? Being a mom and a wife, is this enough or is there more she is supposed to be doing. Her friends are active outside the home, as well as in... is she supposed  to get out there and be loud? Where do you want her Lord?

   Her day goes on, she wakes the kids, gets dishes going, laundry going, school is started, and she thinks about the things that went on in the early morning. She is putting folded towels away when once again she glances in the mirror, and she notices that some of the lines had been smoothed. She remembers how tired she was as she got out of bed, and wonders how she has had the energy to move on, life had been smoothed as well. It is, of course, answered in the words she unfolded. He has been tested, He has felt pain like no other and He has answered at least some of her prayers. The pain has been worked through, energy had been found, at least the essential things had been done for one more day.

She had been wrinkled and tired and felt broken, she unfolded his word, read it, contemplated it and she was smoothed, soothed, comforted and encouraged.

God is good. Thanks to the Babe in the Manger for helping me through another tough day.


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