Thursday, January 2, 2014

Joy Dare: A Gift Outside, Inside, On a Plate

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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Joy Dare January 2: A gift outside, inside, on a plate.

1. Outside:  The temperatures were good today and so the three oldest went out to climb a tree. A gift because if they had chosen to stay inside and insist on putting faces to screens again today - I would have had to begin school before my scheduled day. I'm not ready to start school.

2. Inside:  I cleaned. Oh how I hate to clean. Today I made the effort - extra effort.
I now have a clean-er (well dinner messed it a bit again) kitchen.
I have a clean bathtub. Back issues have made me lazy on that one. Husbands back issues gave me the determination to get it ready for him to soak.
I have my tools put away and some of my beading supplies in order. A gift- even though what I really really wanted to do today was to get all beading stuff in order. Still a productive day.

3. On a plate: I tried a new recipe. It was a success.

I may very well regret that double scoop of habanero orange oil I used to cook the chicken stir-fry, but those noodles - perfect. I'm a happy girl, so easy too. Why did I not try this earlier?

Each of these three might seem small but I will take them as they come big or small. Each day that I can count three gifts is a day closer to not even seeing the bad stuff that comes our way now and then.

Thank you Jesus - Babe in the Manger - for these three and all the gifts you gave us today.

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