Thursday, January 9, 2014

Joy Dare: A Gift Held, Passed By, Sat With

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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January 9 Joy Dare: A gift held, passed by, sat with.

The busy days are the ones that it is easy to forget to pay attention to the gifts that surround you. Busy homeschooling days where mom does keep them on track, and things get done. Days with a deadline. But today I did pay attention, between the frustrating moments of trying to keep a 10 year old boy focused on his math page, or a 7 year old girl from playing with baby sister, or the teenagers from texting and eating. Between those moments I paid attention. For that, I was blessed with at least 3 gifts.

A gift held:
The face of a little as she tells me a story. I hold her face because she acts out her stories and I can't always catch everything. I hold her face because she is growing so fast and that little face changes so quickly. I hold her face so she can see that I am indeed paying attention and interested in what she has to say. She is the baby, who is no longer just a baby. Her stories are usually very animated, but also very wild, like those of our oldest. Those stories that you just don't quite know where they came from. She is amazing, and I'm glad I paid attention.
Look at that face!
A gift passed by:
As already stated, we had good and bad today.  But I have seen good things in my children. Two teenagers can be more like a volcano and a hurricane rather than brother and sister some days, but today I passed by a few harsh words because the two of them were getting along. Yes, they were neglecting their school work too, for a few minutes, but they were joking and laughing. Not that it never happens, but seriously to have BOTH teens in a good mood at the same time is always a gift.

Both in Civil Air Patrol Uniforms. This was before
Maggie got her dress uniform. I don't often get pictures
of the two of them. When I do it is usually CAP related.
A gift sat with:
My little girls can usually be found fighting over my knee.  Jesse will come sit on my knee then Emma will notice and come shove Jesse off my knee. Jesse is good about taking it lightly, most of the time. When it is cold out my aches and pains get the best of me so one night I suggested they get a chair and sit next to me. We will watch silly videos or music on youtube or read. They laugh and giggle and sing along. Sometimes I can look over at them and know they will be kind of like Maggie and Joe - either best friends or sworn enemies as only siblings can be. Of course it's all in love.  Today they sat with me for awhile while playing games and singing.

Making bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Bedtime came quick tonight. Bonus gift? I guess we shall see. It could be I'll think of something I wish I'd done or said, or counted.

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  1. The Lord's mercies are new each day. I often think I used all of them up until midnight! I think it's unrealistic to expect an all good day and I try to remind myself of this when it's been a challenging day, it will probably improve at some point. Keep looking for the hope and the rainbows! You won't regret it!