Friday, January 17, 2014

Joy Dare: A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, and Quiet

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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1 #64 Laughter

A brother obsessed with doing what ever this is on every surface possible, except the top of the 10' club house, but only because we have forbidden him to do so. And truth be told he is really only abiding by that because Junior Olympic Tryouts is this weekend.
A sister who thought it would be fun to pretend she's levitating brother.
A mess because once again this is how we "take a break" in the middle of math problem #3.

2 # 65 More Laughter

Trying to get 5 kidlets to stand in a circle so mom can take another one of her "crazy pictures". One kidlet dropping out before the pic was taken because HEAVEN FORBID mom put up a pic of her feet covered only in SOCKS. I know... shame on mom.

3 #66 Prayer

Because I'm trying to be thankful even for the hard things... I was thankful for the opportunity to ask for guidance, grace, and healing from Our Father and the Babe in the Manger today when I got out of bed first thing this morning exhausted and in excruciating pain. And then throughout the day for patience and perseverance while we continued with our normal homeschool day.

4 #67 Prayer

The opportunity for prayers of thanksgiving for all the above prayers answered. The pain did not leave, but it did subside, and the kids did their school work with minimal pushing from me.

5 #68 Prayer

The opportunity to pray for many today who are not having as easy time.
* A mom who lost a precious baby.
* Another who is afraid she might.
* A mom stressed by the unreasonable expectations of others.
* A woman who is having to submit to her husbands will to get a vasectomy despite her disagreement.
* Two babies saved from abortion.
* A friend who has seen a setback in medical healing.
* Another friend who is on the verge of a medical procedure.
* A good friend who has been ill for some time, and my resolve to be more of a friend and encouragement.
* A friend being buried in medical expenses.
* For my children each of whom are in their own state of growing, with their own set of decisions, and contemplations.

6 #69 Quiet

I am thankful that my little ones who have not been accustomed to "free time" in the afternoons have found things to do that do not involve hanging on me asking what's to eat and can we do something we know we can't while begging, and telling the littlest of the littles to give me her puppy dog face...

7 #70 Quiet

The opportunity to go shopping with JUST the husband, maybe a date in the midst of our shopping trip.
If nothing else, that is quieting to the soul.

8 #71
Time to contemplate my bible verse for this week. I have memorized it but have not had the time to REALLY contemplate on it this week. It's still pretty bare.


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