Sunday, January 26, 2014

Joy Dare: A Gift Before Dawn, At Noon, After Dark

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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Jan 26 Joy Dare: A gift before dawn, at noon, after dark.

#94 and 95 Before Dawn
   Before dawn this very morning, I heard a small knock on the door. I struggled out of bed, thinking I'd see the littlest miss coming to go potty or comfort herself in our bed after a nightmare. Turns out it was the next oldest little miss Jesse. She had the nightmare and wanted to crawl in bed with mom and dad. This ended up being a gift for two reasons.
1. I was able to get up and take some Advil which enabled me to get to church this morning. If I'd waited till I woke up at my normal time I doubt it would have had time to work and I'd have been stuck at home. Back pain is just not fun.
2. Because it was little miss Jesse instead of little miss Emma it was not my back little knees were jabbed into but daddy's. Funny how kids find a "favorite" side to sleep on even at these early ages. Had it been little miss Emma she would have done her routine of choking me first, me turning away from her to ease the pressure on my throat, and then her knees would have been lovingly jammed into my lower back... I love my kiddos, but just don't think I could have taken that so early in the morning.

#96 At Noon
    After church today the husband cooked the bacon. I love bacon, we all do BUT I hate to cook it. Hot grease splattering, ouch, enough said.

#97 After Dark
     I am in the midst of scanning old photos into the computer. Oh the memories. I've gone through some from 1983 to 2001 so far. Definitely a gift. Just look at this cute little bug...

Is this not the cutest little bug ever? Today he is 17. Not so little anymore.
And the # of kids was just half what we have now.

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